Honoring the hero of WTC attack- James Zadroga

The government of United States formed the James Zadroga Health and Compensation Act on January 2011, in order to help the victims and the families who suffered several injuries and trauma during the 9/11 World Trade Centre Attack. The aim of the Zadroga Act was to provide medical assistance and post trauma care to the sufferers of the 9/11 attack. The devastating attack on the Twin Towers brought the entire nation to a standstill; it led to dust, ashes and smoke all over the world. The entire nation was in a state of tremendous shock and depression.

When the twin tower collapsed, a police officer called James Zadroga of the New York police department, acted as a true hero and helped in saving the lives of millions of people at the attack site. He spent more than 450 hours at the attack site in the cleaning process of ground zero debris.

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Prior to giving up 450 hours at the cleanup process, James Zadroga came in close contact with highly toxic chemical called Asbestos. Due to excess inhalation of asbestos he developed with fatal respiratory disease called Mesothelioma. There were several other volunteers, police officers, fire fighters, clean up workers, emergency service worker etc who helped in the rescue operation and were developed with several respiratory diseases. Thus, in order to honor the dutiful spirit of the brave heroes of the 9/11 terror attack, the government of United States came out with a bill called James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation act.

The James Zadroga health and compensation act was aimed at providing medical assistance to the people suffering from illness due to the exposure to highly toxic chemicals and to get a good amount of compensation.

The victim should appoint a well skilled Zadroga Lawyer to solve his case and get the rightful reimbursement. The victim would be asked to fill the form and show the legal proof of loss they had come across. Rest all the aspects regarding the Zadroga Law would be handled by an experienced Zadroga Lawyer himself.

While the James Zadroga act helps the victim to prove his point in the court of law, the victims have to provide with some legal documents in order to get the required compensation. These include medical list involved in the process of treatment, blood test reports, doctors prescription etc. After James Zadroga health and compensation act came into existence, hundreds of victims and sufferers came forward to claim the compensation amount from the government. This compensation amount would be used by the sufferers to take care of all their medical treatments and post trauma care.

There are extra ordinary skilled lawyers available in United States who have widespread knowledge of the Zadroga Claim and thus, can represent the victim’s case in the court of law without disturbing the budget of the client. It is important that the victim goes through the aptitude and skill of the Zadroga Lawyer in order to appoint him.

James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act aims at providing financial support to the victims of WTC attack.

Author Bio:

Zadroga is an act that has been brought out by US Government to provide justice to the victims of asbestos cancer. Jenifer Weinstein is an experienced lawyer with 7 years of experience in representing various cases related to James Zadroga and doing justice to the victims.

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