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Consultancy Strategic Solutions (SSC) is a professional Business Consultancy Establishing a business in a foreign country often can be a time, complicated process, that requires a deep knowledge of the diverse commercial and legal procedures in the country intends to establish their business or The professionalism, the practical experience, and the reputation of its consultant of business often are a vital factor to determine the success of their new business. Consultancy Strategic Solutions (SSC) is a professional Business Consultancy business with headquarters in Dubai, that specializes itself in the creation of new businesses opening a company in Dubai , company set up in Dubai , free zone in Dubai and provides an extensive range of services for all kinds of activities related to the creation of a new business in the united Arabs Emirates.

SSC offers a complete range of services qualified to the businesses in all the phases of the business – since the market analysis supply and the business to the licenses processing disposition. The company has a reputation as a worthy and dependable business consultancy business of confidence and has been providing the following services to its clients of the entire world: Being one of the group’s leaders in the united Arabs Emirates, offers cooperation South-South of the force to help its clients to reach its objectives to the maximum – for help to anticipate its future needs and to plan its growth.

Valuable local connections and the high reputation of the associates of great local reach of the business have helped clients SSC to avoid costly errors and wastes of time and resources, what guarantees that all the clients is guaranteed them the best possible service. Dubai is known everywhere by the excellent environment of business that offers.

Norms and regulations for the execution of business of Dubai are found between the most liberal and attractions of the region. International businesses that seek to establish a commercial presence in Dubai have a series of alternatives. Besides the commerce, many businesses prefer to establish an office in Dubai to maintain a direct contact with the clients and to expand their area of operations.

Having a permanent office in Dubai is able offers many advantages in the Middle East. Businessmen of the region prefer to treat with local companies. They are some consultants specialized that they can help to establish their office in Dubai. The bosses of purchase of some countries attended through Dubai are acquaintances by being unpredictable, therefore is necessary a constant supervision of the forces of the market. To operate a business in Dubai, one has to obtain a pertinent license. Also it can contact with businesses in Dubai by the discharge of the Board of directors of Businesses in Dubai.

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