Is It Possible To Develop Into A Super Affiliate Along With Rank And Pillage

Rank and Pillage in which you are educated by super affiliates Brian Johnson and Aidan Booth. The pairing of the two is interesting because Brian has created other courses before this one and Aidan is one of his more productive students. The objective of the course is to show you how theyre in the position to rank websites in many different niches and exactly how they monetize and profit from these. The thought is to look closely at what theyve done and then do it yourself. Read on to find out as much as you can regarding the training and just how it can be of benefit to you.

The sort of sites that Brian and Aidan specialize in are WordPress blogs and when you go into these sites members areas youll see video introductions as well as training and updates. Additionally, there are recommended resources that youll find particularly helpful if you are new and want to know who to use for hosting and autoresponders for example. The program itself is broken up into eight modules and it is worth mentioning that there are more than 100 videos together with a core manual containing over 250 pages. This is quite comprehensive and offers people of each and every level of experience step by step instructions.

Your education will start with an introduction and two modules about website traffic and search engine optimization. This has all been broken down to ensure that nothing gets left out and you can take things at your own pace, depending on what your skill level might be. The resources that they use for their research along with other things are shown plainly to you, which makes this a fantastic time saver also. They discuss monetization in module four as well as the kinds of sites that you ought to build based on all of the various kinds of models. These income modules include adsense, physical products as well as digital affiliate products.

Module five covers self hosted WordPress sites–the type of websites the course developers specialize in–and is especially good for people who do not understand how to build these yet. This takes you from the beginning of the process to getting your sites on the web and as is the theme with all of their training you go from the basics to some more advanced techniques. When you obtain your site online, youll be able to collect email addresses and create a subscriber list–which the training will teach you how to do. This, then, naturally leads on to the sixth module in which you discover how to build links to your sites–one of the most vital parts of being ranked well inside the search engines.

These last 2 segments really do cover what you need to do if youd like to expand your business and also the final module covers outsourcing. Both Aidan and Brian have built quite successful companies for themselves making use of the strategies taught in Rank and Pillage and their course does a wonderful job of teaching you how to do just what they have done.

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