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Madden NFL 13 will be released by EA Sports in August of 2012. Madden Football has the most competitive community of gamers. Most Madden gamers search the web until they come across the Madden tip sites to get their Madden 13 tips and cheats. While some of these sites are more strategy based, others are simply Madden cheat sites to win their online leagues or ranked matches. Madden Cheats can instantly improve your offense and defense and have you dominating your opponents. These strategy sites train gamers to become better at the game by giving them the tools they need to succeed. These can be as simple as showing a simple tip or play with a couple adjustments to earn an edge over your opposition’s offense or defense.

A more advanced defensive or offensive approach would be to purchase strategy guides (which are often distributed in e-book format). These Madden eBook guides are recorded game-play videos in high-definition that teach the gamer how to get better by studying the video tutorials and looking at the images and text within. These e-book guides are able to be updated throughout the year if something more effective is discovered or EA Sports patches the game and it hurts the effectiveness of the strategy.

Most respectable Madden sites will have a large forum of active Madden gamers who are also a great resource for learning new tactics and strategy. Madden forums are a great place to meet people who also have a PS3 or 360 and like the same types of games you do. Many forums feature a Madden news section, Madden 13 tips section, and many other forums for general or sports talk. A good Madden site (like The Madden Lab) will have a good combination of premium content like tips or guides and a bunch of free content on the forum for anyone to utilize.

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