What To Look For When Searching For Apartments In Cardiff

Many students and professionals are seeking suitable properties to let in Cardiff. Rental services allow prospective residents to see a number of the best rentals Cardiff has to offer.

## What types of properties are available to let?

Rental properties can range from small apartments and flats to large homes with multiple bedrooms. Many of the apartments in Cardiff can be found near to shopping centres and pubs.

## In what areas of Cardiff can the best luxury rentals be located?

Many luxurious apartments in Cardiff are available in the city. Properties near Richmond Square certainly are a perfect fit for the exclusive renter. Cardiff’s stunning waterfront also boasts an array of posh living areas.

## What factors categorise a property as an HMO?

A property is as an HMO (Houses in Multiple Occupation) if it falls into these categories:

– A total of three or over tenants forming two or more household who are letting a whole flat or house and are sharing a bathroom, toilet or kitchen.

– Tenants within the same description as above who are sharing a house that has been converted completely into bedsits or another non-self-contained accommodation.

– A home letting to tenants who fall under category one but live in a dwelling which contains more than one flats which aren’t wholly self-contained (i.e. unit is not built with a bathroom, toilet or kitchen).

– Buildings have been transformed into entirely self-contained flats which do not meet the standards of the 1991 Building Regulations, and more than one-third of the flats are let to tenants on a short-term basis.

– The rental has to be the tenants’ main or only address.

## Is a deposit needed to move into most rentals?

Most rentals in Cardiff require a deposit upon moving into the residence. This helps to protect the landlord if there are any damages to the property, or if there is any unpaid rent during a tenant’s letting period.

## What is a letting agreement?

This agreement sets a standard of rules under which landlords and tenants must abide. They may detail such issues as rental payments, responsibilities of tenants and landlords, code of conduct and the required minimal stay of a tenant’s residency.

There are many great properties to let in Cardiff. Prospective residents should go to the city and explore all of the amazing rentals Cardiff has to offer.

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