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Back to School Preparations
After the school summer break, most teachers, youth workers, and even youth ministers want to kick off the new school year with a big bang. Children are promoted up into the youth age group. Some youth leaders have graduated and new leaders among the youth must rise up and take over new responsibilities. Some students transfer to new schools, and new friends were made during the summer break. Often new volunteers and teachers start their service at this time. A simple and great way to indicate to the youth / teens that something new and exciting is coming and to welcome all these changes and transitions is to decorate or re-decorate the youth room.
Youth Room Decoration Ideas
Trying to decide the best way to decorate or re-decorate the youth room can be very daunting. If you can, get the youth involved in the process. You want the youth room to look good and inviting and also to engage the youth in your group. Even if you don’t have a dedicated room for the youth, there are things you can do to spruce up the room you are using. And, it lets everyone know that great things are ahead and this year is going to be something special.
Here are a few ideas and suggestions for decorating the youth room for a new school year:
Create Excitement and Anticipation
It’s kind of hard to sell the youth on the idea that there are great new things ahead, when the youth room looks the same as it did for the past few months. Although the school, facilities or church may have certain guidelines and you also have to consider other uses of the room there is always something you can do to add life and excitement. Of course if you have the primary use of a room you can do so much more.
Make it Functional as a Youth Room
One of the first things you have to remember is that the youth room decorations must serve its primary function. If it is a classroom it needs to be conducive to a learning situation. If it is a recreation room you want to have open spaces and room for people to move. So as you think through your youth room decorations, be sure to first examine what you hope will happen in the room and update it in a way to be conducive to that. Couches and Bean bag chairs create a very different feeling than classroom desks. Bright direct lights create a different atmosphere that indirect and ambient lighting. Music is a very dramatic way to set the mood for a room. You should try to have different areas in your room for different activities. A quiet area where the decor is more subtle and peaceful where students can sit and read or relax is always appreciated.
Make it Attractive / Inviting as a Youth Room
The youth room although being used by youth is also being used for long periods by you. This means that it should look nice and be comfortable. You should decorate it so that you can look around and be proud and pleased with the way it looks. You should place items that are relevant to your likes and the things that both you and the youth would want to be looking at. While you want it to be exciting, you also don’t want it to be distracting and uncomfortable for those in the room.
Add Objects that Invite Curiosity and Discussion
The youth room will look better with fun items in it and this can also encourage youth to talk about the items. Even if some of the items that you are placing in the room have little initial interest to the students you will be surprised how much they talk about them. Artifacts and pieces from around the world may start conversations of travel, history and geography without trying. This is one of the easiest ways to engage a youth room full of students to talk by not actually asking them anything.
Be Youth Focused
You should try to get the youth involved in decorating the youth room and having one wall dedicated to them is a great idea. You can make it the sharing wall where they put up things they like. You can then bring everyone together to discuss everyone’s different ideas and tastes, a room full of youth will often have many different tastes. Students love to be involved and they will often look after the youth room more if they have helped to create it. You are teaching them the lessons of respect and learning how to keep areas clean and tidy.
Make it Dynamic with a lot of Variety
You should try to change the decor often and usually as you change into another subject or focus it is an idea to change the items on the walls.
Get creative
There are many different ideas that you can use for your youth room and often the only thing holding you back is your imagination. You do not need to spend a fortune getting a great looking room and with a little time, effort and enthusiasm you can create so much. Your students will love being in their youth room and will want to come in everyday. Youth will also learn better in an environment that they enjoy being in. Why not also add a few great icebreaker activities to help them get to know each other better in their newly decorated youth room

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