SSC is chiefly concerned with giving a helping hand to those that desire to establish a new, start up business in UAE. We offer our vast, unique and unprecedented services in the sector of providing assistance to company formation in Dubai. We offer our services in a way that covers all the legal, regulatory and statutory requirement as enacted by laws and regulations in a way that seems less complicated yet fulfilling each and every aspect of company formation requirements. This is achieved through incorporating public companies and entrepreneurship for sole proprietors, provision of licensing agreements, branches, foreign subsidiaries, forming companies in free zones of Dubai and getting the trademarks and copyright registration. All these services and a lot more related ones are just a contact away.

Welcome to the place where services are readily available for start up business seekers. We cover whole of Dubai and also caters the other states of UAE. SSC is truly ranked as one of the leading management consultants in the sphere of Dubai company incorporation, offering office facilities and continuous consultancy for day to day business requirements. Our name holds great respect in our clients’ eyes thanks to the dedicated efforts of our founders, employees, trainees and other stake holder that makes us stand out. Incorporation requires vast and profound knowledge as there are complex regulations that are required to be addressed properly and our solution in this respect take immense caution to deal every subtle and minute of the requirements. Once incorporated, set up a company also deserves to be handled gently to tackle daily business requirements for which our tailor made arrangements come handy. Further, new developments entail it necessary to get acquaint of it in a practical manner for which our experienced and competent staff is always available for rescue. Join hands with us today by providing us an opportunity and our mutual effort will make your company counted among the well known businesses of Dubai.

opening a company in Dubai can be hectic, tedious and technical task especially for those having little or no experience. Due to investments of a diversified nature in this part of the world, where most of the money injected in projects are those of foreigners, the Government of Dubai closely monitors and regulates the company formation and its operations. For this purpose it has intact several streaks of technical and complicated statutory regulations that are not easily understood by a layman. However, this is no more a problem since SSC Dubai is there for you. We offer our wide services including helping you decide the strategic location for your business, office facilities and management consultancy. All these and other services are now available under one roof with the name SSC Dubai. We assure you that our services will be most effective, convenient and economical that can easily be synchronized with every kind of business. We also offer specialized and updated business solutions for those aspects that are normally not given due consideration. So to obtain the gigantic information based on real life experience, contact us and procure our services today to make you execute and run your business in a simple and easy way.

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