The Best Way To Repair A Legacy Printer That Is Needed By Your Company’s Software Program.

All across the United States there are manufacturing facilities, machine shops, restaurants, and other businesses that utilize specialized computers and machines that were designed to work with older printers. This specialized equipment often had escape sequences programmed into the software for a particular make and model of printer. When one of these legacy printers fail, they cannot be replaced with any of the new style printers without major programming changes. These types of repairs include: Epson printer repair, Okidata printer repair, POS printer repair, HP printer repair, Brother printer repair as well as others. In these cases there is no choice but to repair the old printer. The new age computer store has no capability to repair these older printers and has limited capability to repair anything at all, as their main job is to sell new product.

The big box electronic retailers are staffed with technicians that have limited experience and no availability of parts required to repair these older printers. The new small computer dealers that pop up are quite often ill-equipped for a satisfactory repair experience. The customer has no choice but to search out a repair specialists that has experience with these older printers. When looking for a repair center for these legacy products ask how long the technician has been repairing printers. If the technician only has a few years experience, they will be unfamiliar with the product you’re bringing in for repair. Parts availability is often problematic and the repair center needs to have a parts department that is capable of sourcing used and unused replacement parts that are no longer available from the manufacturer. An experienced service center is familiar with sourcing parts from wherever they need to be obtained from and will not take the easy way out and say the parts are no longer available.

Beyond parts availability the technician needs to be familiar with the various service bulletins and service problems that these older printers have. Often an experienced printer technician received factory training on these older models and has learned what to look for for a fast, efficient repair. The “kid” that is often found in the big-box stores and the local computer repair shop not only is not experienced with these older printers but has no resources for manuals, service bulletins or technical help. When a much more expensive piece of equipment is depending on an older printer, this is not the time to hope the technician has the experience to repair it.

When looking for a printer repair shop, it is best find a printer repair shop that has been around at least at least as long as the printer that you need repaired. Do not be embarrassed to ask how long the technician has been repairing printers and if he is familiar with the particular model that you have. If there is not a printer repair shop in your community anymore your best bet might be to find a printer repair shop that is within a day or two UPS ground shipping from your location. The best Google search will include the manufacturers name the words “printer repair” and the city and state you live in. When you visit the printer repair shops website look for the brand-name of the printer you need repaired.

When in the Chicagoland area, Northwest Indiana or anywhere else in the Midwest, the logical choice for all your printer repair needs is Rex Service Company. Rex Service Company has a business license in the Village of Worth, is rated positively by the Better Business Bureau, is a proud member of NESDA, NSA and ESDA.

At Your Service; Chicago Printer Repair by Rex Service Company.

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