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It may seem odd that there would be a difference in how users use online banking facilities according to age. A recent study by McAfee Labs shows that there is certainly enough data to conclude that age does play a defining role in how users behave and use internet banking facilities. Within their study McAfee Labs shows that you will find 3 distinct age ranges with assorted behaviors.

The very first of these Age ranges are the 18-24s. These users have just started using online banking facilities and are highly competent because they knew growing up computers and so are very skilled using their use. Using internet banking facilities will come second nature to them while they get the processes efficiently. Their proficiency however comes at the expense of care. They are not within the practice of taking steps to secure their computers or run programs like anti-virus on the regular schedule. This care-free nature can be related to the relatively low value of investments they’ve got in the bank and computer systems. Than ks a bunch for looking at this write-up. I have written a nd published many other types at the sa me ti me. If you desire to have a l ook at them then I highly recommend you please click here.

The next group of users are the type that are within the 25-45s generation. The users with this group are slightly less proficient with computers and will often take more time to completely understand the online banking facility. These users will most likely use help manuals to supplement their knowledge and improve their banking experience through the online banking facility. This group however is more careful while they were around to find out the evolution of computers looking at the young age and are conscious of security issues like viruses, hackers, phishing sites etc. They will invest time to schedule anti-virus programs and perform the minimum requirements to provide a safe computing experience.

The final generation is those who are 45 and above. This group is the least proficient with computers. They didn’t develop with computers and quite a few will discover interfacing with computers difficult. Their in-familiarity will mean that people looking to use the web banking facility thoroughly must learn from scratch. They will use facilities like help manuals and also consult different websites on how better to use internet banking. These users are the most careful. They will take all of the precautions to make sure that their computer is protected before accessing the web banking facility. This really is partly since this group has the greatest to shed with a greater amount of investments in banks etc.

Although every one of these age ranges exhibit tendencies towards the behaviors that we have described it doesn’t mean that you will find people who behave differently within the group. There might be an 18 year old user who’s ultra-careful with all the security of his facility while there may be a 66 years old who doesn’t know what anti-virus is. The purpose of this grouping is so banking institutions can better profile their users and gives assistance to the different groups based on their security needs.

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