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Not long ago i happen to be undergoing somewhat of a health challenge. I’ve psoriatic arthritis, an autoimmune disorder. And i am 11 weeks pregnant. A couple of days before I realized i was pregnant, I acquired a serious case from the 24-hour flu. My husband said, “Maybe you’re pregnant.” I responded by shaking my head when i hugged the porcelain.

After the flu began to subside, I noticed two major differences. One, I was still queasy but only during the night. And, two, my osteo-arthritis was 95% gone. Because the queasiness continued, the arthritis pain slowly returned. I took a pregnancy test and found out that I was pregnant. The harder mystifying aspect was why did my arthritis leave and why achieved it return? Thank you so much for looking through this piece of writing. I have w ritten q uite a few other types as well. If you would like to take a l ook at them then make sure you click for more information.

After much experiment and food allergy testing, I’ve figured it was very much food related. But not a food hypersensitivity, per se as I had first concluded. I used to be too acidic. I desired to get my pH balance alkaline, as much as 7.35 – which occurs when you’re violently ill with the flu.

Just how do i do this? Be sure that 70% with the foods I consume are alkaline and just 30% either acidic or pH neutral. Did it work? I can’t tell you yet. I’m beginning to feel much better however won’t know for a week. Eating an alkaline meals are thought to stop you from becoming sick. You can forget colds, no more flu with no more arthritis and cancer. I have already been battling this health challenge for approximately 2 years now and it has progressively gotten worse. I needed it about seven years before might I used to be able to make it go means by Two weeks by incorporating ancient herbs. The herbs failed this time. I’m almost certain an alkaline diet will. I’ll help you stay posted.

What exactly foods are acidic and which of them are alkaline? This is a partial list of extremely acidic foods:

Sweetened fruit juice
Black Tea
Canned tuna
Artificial sweeteners
Pickled vegetables

Here is a partial list of very alkaline foods:

Most green vegetables
Summer black radish
Soy nuts
Soy lecithin

The majority of us believe life is not about how precisely long we live but about the quality of our own lives. Ideally we’ve both longevity and vibrant health. This may be the way to arrive.

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