The Growth Of ShoeDazzle – Your Personal Stylist

I think you would be hard pressed to uncover anyone who isn’t at the very least somewhat aware of Kim Kardashian. Especially after all of the latest publicity her very pricey and super brief marital life received. Well, even though you don’t want to hear anything more about Kim, you might like to learn more about her new shoe club ShoeDazzle. It’s basically an internet store disguised like a shoe membership club. It truly is quite an original and so far profitable concept. Every one of the ShoeDazzle footwear is priced at $39.99 in addition to free shipping.

ShoeDazzle Monthly Shoe Service

The ShoeDazzle website works like a monthly shoe club. What’s really cool is that you are provided personalized style recommendations monthly from which you are able to choose from. The ShoeDazzle shoes are no doubt fashionable, top quality, and affordable. You will find a large selection of styles offered including heels, flats, boots, and sandals. And even though you’re presented with monthly choices, you are not required to buy shoes every month. In fact you can enroll in Kim Kardashian’s ShoeDazzle for free and never make a purchase.

Your Own Personal Stylist

When you first become a member of the ShoeDazzle service, you are able to take a style quiz. This survey is used to help generate a personalized style profile for you.

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After that every month according to your style profile you will get personal style suggestions sent to you. The style survey asks you questions about a variety of styles, brands, and even celebrity fashions. All you have to do is decide on the ones you like the best. After you complete the survey you register your credit card, but you are not billed anything. Every month you will have the option not to purchase from your personal selections. Throughout your membership you can buy as much or as little as you would like. And you are also able to cancel the service whenever you see fit.

When you elect buy something, the process is simple and shipping is free. ShoeDazzle also has a good return policy. In case you decide you don’t want the shoes, you can return them for an exchange or credit toward another purchase. ShoeDazzle does not charge members for return shipping or restocking fees. The goal of the site is to be as customer friendly as possible.

Kim Kardasian Takes the Shoe World By Surprise

Most people know Kim Kardashian only because of her reality tv shows, but now that is going to change. ShoeDazzle is becoming one of the most popular methods to buy shoes on the web. ShoeDazzle has already acquired 3 millions subscribers. A major reason for the website’s popularity comes from the wide range of celebrities who have personally designed shoes for the ShoeDazzle collection. You can buy shoes which were created by Denise Richards and Jenny McCarthy just to mention a few.

ShoeDazzle continues to grow in popularity each and every day. For anybody who wishes to find out more about ShoeDazzle Shoes and the amazing products it offers, check out the post ShoeDazzle Shoes to get started.

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