LETTER from Pastor Chacko, INDIA, Juli 2009

LETTER FROM BR. J. C. PARAKKADAVIL INDIA. JULY 2009Dearly beloved,Greetings in His name. Thanks a lot for your prayer and supports and God may reward you. We all are doing fine by His grace. All our ministry go fine. I want to tell you about a new friend God gave me.MURALY MANOHAR. A NEW CHILD IN THE KINGDOM OF GOD Muraly is a hindu brother. I found him in front of my church in the city center on a Sunday.. It was the second Sunday of June. On that morning I was getting ready to go for the worship. Suddenly I felt the presence of God in the room. I started praying like never before. I remember the words, “ Lord please bring the person who need my help and tell me what should I do for that person.” I had no idea that why I prayed like that.. When I came to the church I found the stranger. At first I thought he was a beggar.He told me he came to attend the worship. In the worship I told the church to pray for him. After the the church I took him to the hotel and had the lunch. I asked him where you are going. He replied that he does not have any place to go. Then he told what is he. Muraly was born and brought up in a rich hindu family. Years before he went to Gulf countries and he became the owner of a flower shop. Unfortunately his partner deceived and he lost all and the debt was 9 lakhs rupees.. By this time his wife went away with the two children. Thus he returned to India. His mother and his brothers came against him for in his absence they joint together and shared his property influencing the mother. That’s how he became like this. He began to stay in hindu temples for food and shelter. Once somebody stole his bag containing his passport driving lisence and some money. In the time I saw him he was sleeping in the public bus stand with other beggars. Muraly told me, he has no place to go. I invited him in the love of Jesus to come and stay with me. I gave him food and for other needs. Some of my friends advised him to believe in Jesus. I decided that let him know the love of Jesus through my dealings. Muraly told me that for the last 3 and a half years his wife have never talk with him. He told: “if Jesus is working and my wife talk to me I will take Jesus as my personal saviour and Lord.” The miracle happened on the next satarday. His wife talk with him fo 20 minutes on phone. He kept the word. On Sunday he stood up and accepted Jesus as his personal saviour. The whole church rejoiced. Next day he got a job as a security guard. Jesus is great. He loves every one. Please pray for this new child of the living God.NEWS PAPER ON DESK.The Christian news paper JEEVA CARUNYAM was a dream project for us. God helped it to come out.

Now the selling is in progress. We get tremendous response from the public. 10,000 subcribers is our target for this year. We plan ad try to send it to 10000 families around the world. We are sure at least 30,000 people will read it. That means we will send the word of God to 30,000people every month. This is not a simple thing. The benefit is to the Lord and to His kingdom.OUR CHILDREN IN ORRISA.In Orissa the school opened on 29th of June. All our children go to school. Please pray for them. They need all study materials like books, bags, umbrella. and uniform. This demands an extra expence. We appreciate your contribution for this need.Thanks a lot for all your prayer and supports. God may reward you.I shall write more in the next letter. Thank you.IN His ministry,J CWhat is the expanse ?Some of the ministry partners who read the letter enquired how much is the expense for one child in the orphanage. For the information of those interested ones I am giving you a rough estimate. We need to think one thing that uniform can get for Rs.350 and for 700 also on the basis of the quality. We always prefer an average one. Per day for one child we needRs.50 in Kerala for food.= Rs.1500 per month.Extra expanse at school opening.Items Rs.—————————————–Bag 250Note books 120Text books 150Umbrella 200Lunch Box 100Geometry box , pen etc. 130Uniform (two pairs) 680 —————————————–Total……………………… . 1630 We have 23 children now.Jesus said; “What you did for these poor, You have done for me “Thank you God bless you.J C How to send support?You can transfer it to my newyork account.Name; PARAKKADAVIL JOHN. CHACKO (J C Parakkadavil) Account # 658094432 Bank;;HSBC Routing / ABA # 021001088. Bank address; HSBC 257-15 Union Turn Pike Glen Oaks N Y 11004

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