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LAD Rosenkranz

LAMA asks:

What industries, in Your opinion, should be paying more attention to enhancing their sustainability practices?

Rosary answers:

Automotive, agriculture, traffic, smart textile, private sector, governmental organizations should pay more attention to their sustainability practices like we at ROSARY implemented and cleared and made policy for.

LAMA asks:

How are companies like Rosary changing the conversation surrounding sustainability today?

Rosary answers:

Well Rosary has a long history in changing the conversation surrounding sustainability today. In fact, we established a global BioSeal. We invented and manufactured the Benchmarks to bring these basics towards the first Climate Conference in Rio. Now we have #COP25 in Madrid, Spain. Our climate funds are cleared at UN for 200 Million € (which occurs to be about 220 Mio US $). With apps and blogrolls, we changed the minds and policies to implement Climate Bonds of about 100 Billion a year.

LAMA asks:

What advice would You give to others looking to pursue a career in sustainability?

Rosary answers:

My advice is: Do it, just do IT! ..and do it personally, face to face! You can´t lose. Making Your career in sustainability means, your opportunities are even so persistently growing. Industries in a relevant and gravity causing mode of 10 Billion US$ are waiting for You.

LAMA asks:

How has Rosary built up its partnership with practitioners, mentors, and firms

to expand its resources?

Rosary answers:

Rosary Ministries International first was founded in India. This happened after a serious flood disease that affected many people in the river Krishna delta.

So we made a social hearing according to the rules of UNFCCC climate secretary for most vulnerable are4as.

Later we implemented the funds, that have been given to us as a task and honorous duty. Firms like RMI-India, MSCS, AIICDIOCESE, Qr-Reg, Global Financial, and EasyKall came on board as mentors, coaches, and associate companies. Practitioners are highly appreciated and wanted. We advertise with Work4Us, Jooble, Jobsora, and own banners and handouts.

LAMA asks:

How would You describe Your own approach to investment- what would You wish Your clients knew about the investment process??

Rosary answers:

This is the question with the highest priority. We did a 10-points program for investors to qualify for our UN climate bonds. Stakeholders that fulfill our criteria will start with point 10: this is: Paying their investments in cash- or by an easy transaction.

This is making the whole process of investment more transparent- even so secret for data security for our clients. Our funds come along with

200 Million €, 20 years, -1% – 2& p.a. ROI.

Climate taxes, as the actual decision is made on UN level by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, allow us to fill up the funds by legal Carbon-Dioxyd Certificates with a fixed price of 25 € a CER- rising up into next years towards 50 and 60€ a ton Carbon-Equivalent, that we are producing with our funds. So taxpayers, car users, fuel buyers, street users all are involved by paying not only attention but real money into our investments. 125 MW Solar Power, Food Security, Data transfer according to Global Compact on Migration.

Water right dealing according to DIN1986-100 and free-trade agreement JEFTA is fueling up our growths.

Thank You for Your kind attention and recognition!



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