Revolution of Gentle LOVE- and it´s impact on global market place, ArchBishop Uwe Rosenkranz

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Revolution of gentile Love-

contextualization on the virtual market place =============================

When studying the EVANGELII GAUDIUM By Pope Francis, We are giving sense to it in practical On the global virtual marketplace. This contextualization of the Revolution of Gentle LOVE Has dramatical impacts On our daily behavior. After watching this (german) video, You should be able to take a grasp, What this means to you.

We are allways going ahead in Our directional and forecasting developments On the HighTech scene on science Lab.

  • Mobile apps without SIM card
  • IBAN transactions on cyber security level
  • Royalty free Music from our communities
  • Online supply with food and water security
  • Digital Matrix of two or more knowledge platforms
  • Environmental and public health maintaining cyber support
  • Car and automotive cloud expert level
  • Social charity
  • Successful business

When we oversee the pro´s and con´s Of this ongoing tender revolution, we shall come to the conclusion, that our members and participants, are very well delivered with our hard and soft ware services. So it makes real sense to Contextualize the Joyful Gospel To a world full of desires and needs. It´s our privilegue and distinctive right, To implement these challenging but gentile changes On ther mission field on global market place. Your welcome and benenfit! Your pleasure is our delight! ArchBishop Uwe AE.Rosenkranz

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