A Loft Conversion In Surrey Was The Perfect Alternative

My long time partner and I have been working hard and saving every penny for almost 8 years, with the intention of moving our expanding family (the fourth was due just before Christmas!) to a larger house. Then, unfortunately, 2008 introduced the recession and spoilt our dreams of putting down the required deposit on a house we fell in love with.

We later realised there was no need to fret; my family now lives in a custom 6 bedroom house, designed to suit our every need, How? A loft conversions Surrey. I now do not understand why so many people and young couples stress and worry about the volatile property market when they can improve the home they already have. This made all the difference to our social and family life, we now have an abundance of space and no longer live on top of one another.

When it comes to design and style, there really is no limit of what can be achieved with your loft conversions. Many people, as did I, use a loft conversions for the extra bedroom it can provide; however whilst doing research I came across so many other uses such as: a home office, a second lounge, bedrooms with en-suite or even a home gym. You really can do anything. Personally, we decided to have a new bedroom for William, my 7 year-old boy, he absolutely adores this room because he says the sloping walls make it look like a space mans room with the Velux window looking in to space, personally I think it may be because he has Space man wallpaper.

Not only do you have complete control over the usability of the room that your loft space will become but you can also choose the external and internal styling. Loft conversions come in many different types and they all have hugely different characteristics. Jones Brothers Loft Conversions are the company I chose, they helped me choose the type of loft conversion for my taste, not only were the company extremely helpful with design and layout but the tradesmen were so friendly! They were respectful and clean but had a great work ethic; i could tell they wanted to complete the job in good time but also to a high standard so the disruption to my family life was minimised.

An alternative to having a loft conversions would be having a conservatory, bearing in mind I am a fully qualified electrician who works for one of the largest conservatory companies in the UK this was an option I gave serious thought to. After a couple months of delegation I opted for a loft conversions for the following reasons; the loft of your home can be insulated to a much higher lever, with heat raising from the floors below and a plumbing installation was far easier for a loft conversion. The wasted space which was my loft has not become a large usable area giving two bedrooms and an en-suite, my house now has 3 floors!

All said and done, I would highly recommend a loft conversion to anyone who would like extra space without the upheaval of moving home.

Published: March 12, 2012, 13:13 | Comments
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