What Is Citrix

What Is Citrix XenApp ?
Previously known as Citrix presentation Hosting server is an on-demand application distribution solution which allows consumers to connect to connect thus to their corporate Windows software. Normally XenApp hosts software on central server, so users hooks up to them remotely. Or maybe it strems application offer to users PC for local execution.

What are Citrix XenApp Features ?
A single. Access almost in the device and anywhere.
Apps can be accessed practically from any device. Personal computer, Mac, ThinClients and even iPad/iPhone.
Only two. Optimized delivery involving applications
More then million of apps are being used on Citrix about daily basis.
Offline and internet-based access, users can make use of applications even with no access to internet or even both ways to ensure easy delivery.
3. Sole instance management
Provisioning associated with capacity on demand using single standardized XenApp hosting server image for actual or virtual servers, which ensures scalability from any moment
Single picture for application management, you need to install just one version of your app to deliver it to desktops or os
Centralized XenApp management : all actions may be accomplished from one server, and so robust and flexible
4. Application delivery based on policy
XenApp meets needs of any organization by providing central control and also access configuration policies for users as well as groups
5. Hi-def user experience
XenApp deliver high definition user experience even over slow WAN links

What is citrix Online?
Citrix Online is any fast-growing division of Citrix Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq: CTXS), based in Santa Barbara, California, together with satellite offices along with data centers around the world.
Every month, more than Seventeen,000 new customers start using Citrix Online tools to help you anywhere with anybody – using each of our remote-connectivity and online collaboration ways of save time, get more done and connect to others world wide. For example:
A small business proprietor works from home on account of GoToMyPC.
A sales executive turns a phone call directly into an instant online demo using GoToMeeting.
A coach cancels her flights and conducts live on the web training with GoToTraining.
Any marketer generates potential customers by inviting potential customers to online online seminars using GoToWebinar.
An That Manager can resolve a remote worker’s computer in any hour with GoToManage.
At Citrix Online, we feel in creating products which we ourselves require to use. Our goal is usually to offer services that are:

So easy to use you could learn them without having a manual or education.
So reliable you are able to count on them daily without a second imagined.
So secure you can rely that your data is safe and sound – fully encoded end to end.
So quick the experience is like getting there in person.

For more information about citrix online plugin visit our website.

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