Using Carpet Cleaners To Freshen Your Home

Carpets are one of the more expensive outlays we make in our homes. Hard wearing carpets are great but not as comfortable underfoot. Shag pile is the softest and most comfortable to walk around barefoot on but it can wear in high traffic areas. So finding a soft yet hard wearing carpet can be expensive. However we assume that the carpets will last for many years and therefore the cost can be outweighed by the longevity expected from a decent carpet.

So imagine a house guest spilling some wine on your carpet, or someone dropping their plate of food. It is not as simple as replacing a stained cushion cover or ruined tablecloth. Ripping up your carpet and buying a new one is not an option. If you have children, these types of spills and marks will be part of everyday life. If you find an effective carpet cleaner fluid, you may shift some fresh stains but a lot of these carpet cleaners do not work and they may only deal with fresh stains.

So what can you do to remove the marks, stains and general dirt of everyday life?
Hiring carpet cleaning machines may seem like a huge amount of hassle but in fact it is one of the easiest and effective ways to tackle your carpet cleaning requirements.

Professional carpet cleaners are ideal for businesses and when you inherit old carpets when moving home. However, if you want to remove marks and stains you will find hiring a machine is a much more time saving and cost effective way for carpet cleaning.

Not only will carpet cleaning machines remove unsightly stains, it will also revitalize your carpets. 25% of the UK population suffers with allergies and although normal day to day cleaning can help, dust mites are found deep in carpets so carpet cleaning machines can give your home a deep clean and alleviate these allergens.

Whilst you are refreshing your home, dont forget carpet cleaners can also be used in cars, on curtains and caravans. Your mattresses would benefit from a good clean too – dust mites live on your mattress in numbers you do not want to know about!

Hiring carpet cleaners is a simple process – go online and find a store locator. Take some identification, payment and a deposit with you and book your hire (some have several machines and so it may be possible to take one there and then). You may be given some cleaning fluid to use but you can purchase some additional fluid if you want to do a lot of your house. Make sure you clean the machine properly and take it back to get your deposit back.

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Published: March 11, 2012, 07:37 | Comments
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