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ESPN is showing a 32-episode World Series of Video Poker coverage. Bob Chesterman, the producer that will be supervising this coverage, believes there tend to be definite factors on why people will tune into see taped card games. He says that the program is to cover the event as though it is plausibly live’. He draws a parallel between taped Olympic coverage and this series, covering the World Series of Poker. Though as against Olympic coverage that makes use of announcer’s live calls, ESPN’s poker announcers will view edited footage as well as call as if it was live. The tack being utilized by Bob, resembles the game program of the Olympic broadcasting. Great Storytelling is what compels many audience to watch events that have already taken place. ESPN would definitely have definitely done its homework and the Olympic broadcasting formula is certain to work to their advantage, as envisaged in the first put. reports:

Last year’s poker finale drew 2.8% of cable TV households, creating it a bigger draw than almost everything else on ESPN except NFL games, postseason baseball and marquee college sports and basketball. Next year, Chesterman will add a Skycam to hover above the poker action, as well as he expects the winner’s prize money will be $10 million.

Fox Sports Web and GSN Is Airing Two High Stake Poker Events in November

Some of the biggest names in video poker. feature in two made-for-television poker games. These is played at the Golden Nugget Hotel as well as Casino in Las Vegas. One of these two televised events is ‘ Stakes Poker’ which is produced by GSN. The other one is ‘Poker Superstars III’ and has been produced for Fox Sports Web (FSN). The Golden Nugget had earlier this year, hosted the World Series of BlackJack. This event had been televised on GSN, Speed Channel’s Mobil High Stamina Charity Poker Challenge. It had additionally been aired on NBC’s National Heads-Up Poker Championship. Both these events had attracted solid viewership and reviews. reports:

GSN, the Network for Games, in launching its new series, High Stakes Poker in January 2006. The series will unite some of the best expert poker players with elite poker-playing business professionals in a great exciting match of skill and money.

AOL is geared up to showcase poker in a big method. It has signed exclusive deals with the World Series of Poker for creating online services for card players. Players can play free-play video poker games in various online AOL private rooms. These games will give 12 winners a chance to get a free seat, in one of the primary events. This free seat will be value $10,000 as well as allow the winners to be a part of the events of the 2006-2007 World Series of Poker. Additionally one visitor to the poker space will get a free seat at the annual tournament of champions. To be eligible, for this winners must be not less than 21 many years of age. For the World Series of Poker, the exclusive cable rights are held by ESPN. reports:

The AOL service will provide news and behind-the-scenes reports of the different tournaments as well as “poker tutorials for people who want to discover much more about the game,” said Jeffrey Pollack, head of programming for Harrah’s Entertainment. People don’t have to be monthly AOL subscribers to gain access to the video poker rooms, he said.

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