Getting The Perfect Curtain Poles For You

You could be forgiven for thinking a curtain pole is just a curtain pole. Indeed, many people do not realise the huge range of different curtain poles available until it comes to purchasing some replacements. This can be rather overwhelming. All of a sudden you can realise that you have no idea what curtain pole is suitable for what kind of curtains or fittings and it is common for people to purchase completely the wrong curtain pole by mistake without even realising until its too late!

The most popular type of curtain pole is the classic pole with rings. These curtain poles work in the traditional way by attaching the curtains to rings that are fixed to the curtain pole. This is opposed to the glider systems that you also see in shops.

Whether you opt for curtain poles with rings or for a glider system is totally your choice of preference. However, many people opt for the traditional look. Many people opt for the poles with rings because of their classic style and high quality. They are less prone to wear than glider systems.

Of course, poles with rings come in many different colours and styles that can fit your preferences and styling of any room in your home. Colour will be the first option that you will have to decide on. Many opt for brass or silver colours, but many stockists will offer a huge range of colours to suit any colour scheme. You will also need to think about the measurements. Some companies sell standard lengths, but you will get best results by using a bespoke product that perfectly matches the length (and even shape) of where you need to put your curtain pole.

Finally, there is styling. This is more often than not most noticeable at the end of the curtain pole, also known as the Finial. Choosing the right finial for your taste is essential. It can change the entire look of your curtains and even your room. You can use a simple stainless steel stud finial for something modern and contemporary. You may decide that you prefer to opt for a design that is a lot more detailed and extravagant. There are some Finials which are simply stunning, offering intricate design and colour that can transform your room in an instant.

If you want something cost-effective, then choose simple designs. Alternatively, if you are looking at making more of a statement, then getting a bespoke product that perfectly fits can look great. Finish off with a lovely finial for the ultimate look.

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Published: March 10, 2012, 17:49 | Comments
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