Good things that a free fax can provide for your business

You may wish to know that you’ll be able to use your email to fax if you’ve been having difficulty with your fax machine or are apprehensive about acquiring one.

Yes, thanks to the internet and your computer, you’ll be able to send a fax using an e-mail to client to a fax machine as if you had your own fax unit. No, to be able to use an online fax service, you don’t want a high-level computer expert or any difficult process. In fact, you are able to even do it for free.

Here’s how:

You either send a free fax or subscribe to an internet fax service. Normally, websites that offer you faxing services at no cost also enable you to upgrade to a premium fax service from the same page.

If you choose to send a free fax you need to find a website that lets you do so. Given that a simple web search will yield quite a number of results, you won’t have to look to hard.

But before you get excited and see that using your email to fax is not that different from sending an e-mail, think about the following:

1. Fax number – if you are just trying the service out for free, make sure the person you are sending the fax to is a valid recipient. Some service providers only allow you to fax to local area codes.
2. File size and number – check the file size restrictions for the service you use. Some websites only allow you to send small file sizes with severe limits on the number of files you are able to upload.
3. Notification – free online fax services don’t give any suggestion if your fax was received correctly or not.
4. Faxes per day – you are only allowed one to two faxes every day.
5. File format – on-line faxing typically needs your documents be in TIFF or PDF format. Faxing at no cost severely limits the sort of files you can upload. You might be allowed to upload JPEG, DOC, DOCX, TXT as well as HTML according to the service provider. But if you’re trying to send a fax at no cost, it is best to make use of TIFF or PDF.

Still, in case you merely want to try the service out, on-line fax websites let you try their services for free just to help you decide if you will need a premium fax subscription. It really is not a bad deal.

However, a paid fax service, entitles you to the following:

1. Your own fax number – you’ll be able to send and receive faxes as if you had your own fax machine. People can send faxes to your number and you’ll receive them as TIFF or PDF files in your email.
2. Notification system – your fax service will let you know if you need to resend your fax or if the fax was sent correctly. This might be accomplished by way of your e-mail or telephone.

You effectively take away everything that’s cumbersome and hard about faxing whenever you use your e-mail to fax.

Accomplish efficiency with our advanced email to fax service and discover on how free fax may also improve your company.

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