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Just 15 years ago the internet was pretty much unheard of, although there were computers and networking systems, these were mostly used by businesses and e-commerce was still a few years away. These days people can use the internet anywhere, with technology such as android phones, tablets, sleek laptops and MP3 players all with internet access.

If you are organising an event such as a festival, exhibition or sporting competition, you will need to ensure you have a reliable, effective temporary internet connection for your audience. With technology constantly moving forward, it is now possible to set up a wired or wireless internet connection in almost any location, be it a field in the middle of nowhere, a town hall or a warehouse.

Many event organisers often to try to set up their own WiFi system, while this can sometimes be effective, a poor, slow running internet connection will frustrate your audience and can potentially spoil your event. Therefore its advisable to enlist the help of qualified WiFi technicians who specialise in setting up temporary broadband connections.

A Specialist IT company will work closely with you to discover your exact needs and requirements and ascertain what type of temporary internet solution is right for you and your audience. Enlisting the help of qualified, experienced WiFi technicians will allow you to focus on the more important aspects of arranging your event. Site wide wireless networks will enable effective ticket devices to be installed and a high quality hardwired or WiFi network will support the needs of bandwidth hungry reporters, allowing your event to get a good amount of news coverage.

Your technicians will also be able to set up a temporary telephone line or VOIP system for your event and will also lease any IT equipment you may need such as laptops, Macs, switches, servers and printers.

Many IT companies now also offer emergency internet access. This is ideal for businesses that are moving offices, have a poor internet signal or failed broadband connection. An unreliable internet connection can affect the running of your business, particularly if you have visiting clients. A temporary WiFi company will provide an effective internet solution, setting up 7 mbps in as little as two hours or 20mbps in just two days.

A well established, high quality IT company will be able to help with all your temporary computer needs for events in the UK and abroad.

For fast running reliable temporary internet, leave it to the experts.

NOBA is a well established IT company specialising in WiFi services and temporary internet. NOBA have worked closely with the events industry for many years, delivering cost effective IT solutions for indoor and outdoor locations. Visit their website today for all your temporary IT needs.

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