If You Are Posting To Free For All Internet Sites You Ought To Not Waste Your Time

Free for all sites should be extinct, but you can still see them everywhere. A number of of may very well not even know just what they are so I’ll explain. It’s a very simple thing actually, it is simply a site that will allow individuals to freely place an add and link to their sites. As soon as they first came out, folks would use them as a quick and easy method to build links to their sites. Nowadays posting your links to these types of Internet sites can end up getting your website in trouble. This now has turned out to be a thing that is not just a complete waste of time but there are various other reasons this should be avoided.

I know a number of you remain tempted to advertise on these sites. I also understand why you might be tempted. This really is so tempting due to the fact that by submitting only once you can end up with your links on thousands of websites. The site you submit to is not alone, as typically these sites are in a larger network containing countless sites. The problem is these pages are 100% pointless. Also whenever you post to these types of sites the search engines may end up banning your Internet site from their results.

The actual search engines are certainly not stupid, and if they find these 1,000 links which were built in a minute they know that something isn’t right. Search engines really want people to gain their links naturally and that is not what this is. And due to this Google and also the other major search engines frown on obtaining links like that.

You should remember that anytime you post on one Internet site, your website link is actually being published on many sites at the same time. Now each individual who owns one of these kinds of sites gets your email address whenever you post and whether you knew it or not you literally gave them authorization to email you. So in fact, in a very small amount of time you could begin getting thousands of emails daily. So if you look at it, really the only benefit is going to the people that started up an ffa site in the first place.

There are so many additional ways to build links the proper way, such as directory submission and also article marketing that it is a wonder these ffa sites are still around. If you truly want to develop links and stay on the good side of search engines like Google you will need to make sure your not making use of these types of sites.

Just another thing you need to be aware of is to also try to avoid link farms. Link farms are usually just as bad for your web page as ffa Internet sites. The foundation of this is that you simply create loads of Internet sites on different ip addresses and link all of them with each other and also have a backlink which points to your money site on every single page. This was a common technique about a year ago but of course Google figured it out and also wound up penalizing website groupings like this. Simply speaking keep things on the up and up and also keep on Google’s good side and keep away from ffa’s and link farms.

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Published: March 9, 2012, 16:30 | Comments
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