Show Off Fabulous Feet With Luxurious Toe Rings

As the weather begins to get warmer its time to start digging out those sandals and flip flops. While a pedicure enables our feet to start looking their best again, why not finish off a look in real style and with extra sparkle. Toe rings are back in fashion, and this time theyre luxurious.

Sterling silver or 9kt gold or white gold toe rings are seriously on trend at the moment, and good jewellers have designed some key pieces which are set to be huge. A handmade ring, made to be worn on the second toe of either foot, is THE way to accessorise this Spring/Summer. Quality toe rings can be worn in water without any hint of discolouration, so they are fast becoming a beach and poolside favourite.

But toe rings are versatile and subtle enough to be worn for any occasion this spring and summer. They can provide the finishing touch to a formal dress and strappy heels at a restaurant, denim shorts and flip flops in the park, or a simple bikini and bare feet on holiday. Toe rings really are a great investment piece, which is why it makes sense to choose quality rather than throwaway pieces. Silver and 9kt gold ensures that your jewellery will remain stunning, even after years of wear. Quality toe rings wont discolour in water, and wont discolour your skin either. Silver and gold are also the best materials if you have sensitive skin which doesnt react well with cheap jewellery.

Popular designs feature gem stones which add an eye-catching glint of sparkle in the sunlight. Choose your favourite stone, your favourite colour or even your birth stone. Why not try a girly look with purple amethyst or pink sapphires, match the pool with blue topaz or complement ruby toe nail polish with a deep red garnet? Or, if you are looking for a special gift or a really luxurious keepsake, go for classic diamond. Diamond toe rings are the epitome of class, sophistication and style. If you crave diamonds but find them to be out of your price range opt for a design with white topaz. White topaz toe rings are more affordable while still offering the subtle clear sparkle of diamond. The key designs of toe rings to buy this year feature gem stone hearts or dolphins.

If you are unsure of your size it makes sense to choose toe rings which comes in small, medium or large sizes, but are slightly adjustable. This way youll only need to make an approximate estimate of your size, while still ensuring a comfortable fit. Open ring designs achieve this flexibility with sizing.

Body Matters Gold sell a range of handmade fine jewellery including toe rings in silver and 9kt gold and white gold. Browse their unique designs which feature gem stones such as garnets, amethysts and diamonds for a truly luxurious touch for your feet.

Body Matters Gold toe jeweller

Published: March 7, 2012, 13:46 | Comments
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