Visalus Scam – The Truth Behind Visalus

So let’s begin by answering the question is Visalus a scam. Unfortunately there are large numbers of people who assume that when a network marketing company starts out that it could be a scam. These are the same people that no matter what corporation or business opportunity they get involved with, they will hit bottom.

On the assumption an individual whats success in any industry, then they ought to get there head on straight. It takes a confident mindset for success to make it in a Visalus business or any business. So is Visalus a scam? Not at all. Visalus is a nutritional based company and is creating a lot of chatter. In fact I know of many leaders that are partnered with Visalus and are making a nice income.

But what certainly gets many human beings pumped is the Visalus BMW program. Visalus has been giving out BMW’s like crazy. Of course you will have to work intensely to qualify for one. On the other hand the compensation plan is set up in a way were people are winning BMW’s nearly every day. Vasalus executive team exist of Ryan Blair Co-Founded ViSalus, Chief Marketing Officer, Blake Mallen,Co-Founder & Royal Ambassador.

I ‘m not amazed the way Visalus is thriving. They are smart enough to leverage the Internet along with social media to help create a buzz around the company. Unlike most network marketing companies who are stuck on the old school way of teaching there members how to build a successful business.

The product packages they supply are known as the Body by Vi Challenge Kits. You have the Balance Kit,,Shape Kit, Core Kit,Transformation Kit and the Fit Kit. Each kit is designed to help get you results in a different ways. I conclude that Visalus has a great management and marketing team and if you incorporate that with helping folks get healthy and combine that with inspired reps, then Vislaus will be an unstoppable force.

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Published: March 7, 2012, 16:28 | Comments
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