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Many weatherboard or wooden clad houses in Melbourne and throughout the rest of Victoria are held in place by supporting stumps built into their bases. These stumps are generally very sturdy and will last a long time, but some older homes which were initially built with timber stumps can become damaged over time and require major foundation repair. Much of the structural damage that many of these older homes face can be fixed or even sidestepped altogether by a house restumping.

##What is House Restumping?

Restumping or reblocking is the taking away and replacement of the supporting stumps on a home. It is usually a complex process that usually involves placing the property on hydraulic jacking equipment to lift it so the stumps can be accessed, but if a structural problem is caught in time builders might only need to replace 1 or 2 stumps, which is definitely a much much easier operation when compared to a full restumping.

##Why Would a Home’s Supporting Stumps Have to be Replaced?

The easiest reply to that question would be because the stumps have been damaged. Since the stumps on a lot of older homes are constructed with timber, they frequently twist or degrade with time. This can be for several reasons such as moisture in the foundation, termite infestation or storm damage. Some homeowners may also decide to get their home restumped if they are considering a big renovation to the building.

##What is the Usual Approach to Restumping a House?

Since stumps can become unstable with time, many house restumping specialists prefer to replace the timber stumps with reinforced concrete stumps. The process typically involves placing the house on hydraulic jacks and lifting it off the ground. Once the builders gain access to the foundation, the old stumps are removed. After the old stumps are removed, the builders dig fresh holes for the new concrete stumps to the suitable depth. The house is then carefully lowered onto the stumps until it is level, and concrete is poured all around the new stumps to strengthen the foundation.

Many construction companies throughout Melbourne offer foundation repair and house restumping services. If you observe that your floors are becoming uneven or even if you’d like to renovate an old building, look around to find the most professional restumpers at the most reasonable prices.

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