My Zija My Review. Is Zija A Scam

This My Zija, My review will cover information on Zija the business itself and to answer the question is Zija a scam. Let me address first is Zija a scam. First Zija is not a scam. They are a legitimate network marketing nutritional home based business that markets nutritional products, energy drinks, weight loss as well as skin car products. In 2006 Zija was formed. What sparked their passion was a miracle tree called Moringa which help people live a healthier lifestyle.

The my management team consist of 7 individuals. Kenneth Brailsford Chairman/CEO, Rodney Larsen President/COO, Michael Hershberger Vice President Information Technology – Jayson Jorgensen Vice President – Operations, Kent Lewis Vice President International, Cathy Yeates Vice President HR and Customer Relations, Ryan Palmer Director of North American Sales. Each of them providing bringing many years of experience to the table.

During our Zija review, we also learned that their distributors have 8 ways to earn income. Direct sales, allow you, the Distributor, to earn income by purchasing product at the wholesale price and then selling it at the retail price. First order bonus, .when your personally sponsored Distributors place a first-time order of Zija products, qualified Active 75 Distributors can earn a one-time-only FOB of 10% of the total PV (up to a maximum of $50); a qualified Active 150 can earn a one-time-only FOB of 20% of the total PV (up to a maximum of $100).

Builder bonus, Each time one of your personally sponsored Distributors reaches the rank of Builder, you earn a $30 Builder Bonus. Volume order rebate, You will receive up to a 10% personal rebate on your PV greater than 250, Team commissions, are the backbone of the Compensation plan and you can benefit greatly from Team Commissions based upon the volume in your organization, Leadership check match, is paid on team commissions earned by all qualified distributors in your enrollment tree, Diamond pool, is reserved up to 4% of the company’s total commissionable Group Volume for qualified Diamond Executives and finally multiple business centers which when your organization expands, you can essentially sponsor yourself by adding additional Business Centers. You may insert your new centers anywhere in your organization.

So as you can see that my Zija has been around for some time and have a good handle on their compensation plan, so I would say that Zija is not a scam.

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