Odyssey Deep Cycle Batteries: The Strong Performer

Odyssey Deep Cycle batteries are considered the leading power storage and supply solutions in the marketplace because of their good quality materials and unique design features. These batteries are widely-used to power cars, all- terrain vehicles, most marine craft, motorcycles, and some commercial vehicles. Most do-it-yourself mechanics depend on the Odyssey Battery as the go to quality battery when exchanging their vehicle’s original equipment manufacturer installed battery.

## Quality Deep Cycle Battery Characteristics

A number of performance characteristics of a quality deep cycle battery are endurance, performance capacity, and storage life. Most traditional batteries have a service life up to five years; the Odyssey battery has a service life up to 10 years. Odyssey Deep Cycle batteries use high purity lead within their plates. The pure lead plates are thinner than the traditional alloy plates which permit more plates to be used within the predetermined battery footprint. More plate surface equates to greater power and power storage capacity. A conventional battery’s storage shelf life is normally up to 90 days before requiring a recharge. Odyssey’s battery may be stored for up to 2 yrswithout needing to be recharged.

Some basic safety qualities of quality batteries are safe handling, simplicity of use and installation, and ruggedized encasement. Conventional batteries contain acid that may cause unsafe leaks if not handled properly. The Odyssey’s battery features a dry cell design which helps mitigate the risk of chemical leakage. The Odyssey Drycell battery is composed of an electrolyte paste-like substance rather than liquid acid. The Odyssey Drycell battery is also fully sealed to eliminate any chemical gas byproduct leakage ensuring completely safe handling for the do-it-yourself mechanic. Odyssey batteries are made to withstand heavy motorcycle and boat vibrations; its ruggedized design is military grade and could be used for commercial vehicles.

## Purchasing Options

Odyssey batteries may be bought from a marine equipment or hardware store as well as online. Many online venues offer free postage and price matching which are always attractive features when making any purchase.

Most do-it-yourself mechanics prefer Odyssey batteries; boat owners particularly love the fact that the battery lasts more than a year or two before replacement. However, if one is not pleased with the product, many companies offer refunds on returns within a certain timeframe. If the battery is somehow flawed, the manufacturer gives a two year warranty too.

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