Selling your Books through Book Reviews

Marketing and promoting books is definitely not always easy to do however expert ratings of the book tend to be required to help market the book and increase sales. If you want to increase your eBook sales, you need to make sure your book is reviewed. Book reviews are important in advertising your work, however finding a place to review them that will not break your budget is something that definitely not everyone knows just how to do.

Now you can have product reviews done on your own books, and reap benefits for simply twelve dollars. At these book review websites and, you can have reviewers read as well as complete book reviews. However, first, you need to sign up at the website(s),identify the books you want and then complete the transaction by paying, it’s that easy. You can use standard payment methods. They use one hundred percent English, and they provide a commission to increase the product reviews, that makes more reviewers for work, more reviewers for the review, means increased marketing. The great thing is there is no minimum requirement on the book reviews meaning, you can buy a single review or many hundred.

It is easy to set up, however signing up on the website,, the website will help you identify which books you’d like to have reviewed, and, just how many people you need to review the book. That is a great feature among this service. If you’re trying to marketplace or promote your own book, to get as many book ratings as you need.

With 12DollarReviews, you’re always guaranteed to get a 5-star response. The reviewers are encouraged to give the five star review, and if they cannot give that high of a rating they do definitely not buy the book or review the book making it that a lot easier.

Every Friday, a newsletter is published that features all the titles that are up for review. The books tend to be listed by what kind of book it is, and there tend to be descriptions. Each reviewer has two to five days to post their review and comments.

This really is a great resource to get your book marketed. By having expert ratings done, you may be making it more probably that your own book will sell. Review the web site and see if or perhaps is for you.

Increase your book sales today! Visit or and learn how to use reviews to market your book and increase your book sales.

Published: March 4, 2012, 20:00 | Comments
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