The Anything Goes Diet Review – Does This Really Work?

Weight loss without any rules?! That sounds really impossible at first sight.

But according to John Barban, the creator of “The Anything Goes Diet”, losing weight need not be a torturing process after all!

And according to John, what you’ll discover within “The Anything Goes Diet”, a system that will allow you to lose not some, but ALL of your stubborn body fat, and during the process you can continue to eat the foods you love at any time of the day, without any additional exercises.

We know that sounds pretty hard to believe – Especially in his claim where we can still lose weight by continuing with eating the foods we love at any time of the day…

So, does the techniques that John has laid out in “The Anything Goes Diet” package really work, or is it just nothing but empty promises? You’ll find out everything you need to know about this package in this page!

How Does “The Anything Goes Diet” Work To Help You Lose Weight?

To explain in layman terms how “The Anything Goes Diet” work to help you lose weight – It helps one lose weight by what is called a “calorie deficit”.

You see, everyday, our body metabolism burns off a certain amount of calories. Therefore, if you want to lose weight, then all you need to do is to make sure that, everyday, you consume less calories than your body metabolism burns.

Let me further explain this with an example – Say for example your body’s metabolism burns a total of 2,500 calories a day, while at the same time, you consume just 1,500 calories (that same day). Hence, there’s a “calorie deficit of 1,000 calories (deduct the number of calories you consume by the number of calories your body’s metabolism burns).

So, “The Anything Goes Diet” will involve you making some calculations on the number of calories you consume every day (in a process that John calls as “calorie guessing”, as you need not be exact with the numbers, due to the fact that some foods do not have the number of calories stated). As to how you’ll calculate the number of calories you take in everyday, you’ll find out more in the program itself.

Pros And Cons Of “The Anything Goes Diet” Package

Every product have their fair share of pros and cons (no one single product in the marketplace is perfect). And in this section, we shall take a look at some of the pros and cons of “The Anything Goes Diet” package.

Let us first talk about the pros of the package:

One thing for sure, those who hate to make any dietary changes to lose weights are going to love this one – As they can continue to eat their favorite foods AND still able to lose weight.

Another aspect about this program that we like is the fact that John has made the entire process look so simple, easy to follow through and act upon.

Also, your entire investment comes with a 60-day success coaching via email offering you invaluable advices that one will need to be able to shed off all their excess fats eventually with this product.

So much for the pros of “The Anything Goes Diet”. Now, let us look at some cons about this product:

First and foremost, those who hate calculations are going to have a hard time calculating the amount of calories they take in every day.

Also, this product, while being able to help one lose weight, but it will take a longer time as the entire package circles around a “slow and steady” process to help one lose weight.

To Whom Do We Think “The Anything Goes Diet” Is Most Suitable For?

We would strongly recommend “The Anything Goes Diet” program to you if you:

– Are unable to fit into any of the dietary changes that’s required in other fat loss programs;

– Do not have time for any exercising whatsoever, and yet still want to lose weight;

– Do not mind having to spend more time to get the desired body you want (with no excess body fats);

– Are completely fine with needing to do calculations of the amount of calories you take in every single day.

Some individuals may not like the ideal of having to wait a longer time to shed off all their body fats – Hence, for this group of people, we will not recommend this product.

“The Anything Goes Diet” is more for people who do not mind taking a “slow and steady” approach to lose weight (as they do not want to have to “cut off ties” with their favorite foods).

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