Conversation Escalation Review – Does This Really Work?

Most men have the problem of feeling embarrassed and suddenly find himself at a loss of words of not knowing what to say when they are all alone with the woman of their dreams.

Now… What if we told you that there’s actually a “cure” to this, allowing you to able able to not just engage in a conversation with a woman of your dreams, but have more fun and engaging conversations with them… Will you jump onto this opportunity?

In The “Conversation Escalation” course, you’ll learn to do exactly how you can create engaging conversations that flow from the beginning to the end… Allowing you to create attraction, rapport, and sexual tension.

In this page, you’ll find out everything you need to know about the “Conversation Escalation” course – In particular, what is being covered, the pros and cons of the course, and also most importantly, whether or not the course really does what is promised.

What You’ll Find In The “Conversation Escalation” Course

If you are a shy guy and experience stuttering whenever you are alone with someone of the opposite sex, then you need to check the “Conversation Escalation” course out.

Consisting of a total of 7 modules (in a form of an audio, which we will look more into it in the next section), this entire course has been created with the intention of “transforming” the most shyest of guys into a smooth and confident talker.

The techniques with which you’ll discover throughout the entire “Conversation Escalation” package can be applied to not just engaging in conversations with females, but it can also significantly improve your overall “people’s skill”.

More In-Depth Look Into What You’ll Discover In The “Conversation Escalation” Course

Having looked at what you’ll learn about in the “Conversation Escalation” course in a nutshell in the previous section, we shall now take a more in-depth look into what you’ll discover in each of the 7 modules of the entire course:

Module #1 – Learn the basics of how you can keep a conversation going, as well as how to transition in between topics (talking from one topic to another in a smooth transition).

Module #2 – You’ll learn, in this particular module, tips and advices that will allow you to take the entire conversation to a fun, playful level that holds a woman’s interest, and have all her attention glued onto you as you speak.

Module #3 – This module is all about equipping you with the techniques and strategies that will allow you to go out there and “flirt” with a woman. The techniques that you will discover in this module is extremely powerful because, if used correctly, you can get her to want to go into the next level of relationship with you.

Module #4 – You’ll find, in this particular module in the “Conversation Escalation” course, exactly how you can “banter” with a woman in such a way that has her “glued” onto you quickly.

Module #5 – Rapport building is extremely important in a relationship. And in this particular module, you’ll learn everything you need to know to build a rapport with the woman of your dreams… So much so that you’ll have her waiting anxiously for your call every night!

Module #6 – In this module, you’ll learn how you can “combine” all the skills that you’ve learned in the earlier modules to make it all “stick”, where you advance from striking a conversation with her (at first sight) to building rapport to getting her to want to go on a relationship with you.

Module #7 – And finally, in the last module, you’ll find information that will give you all the confidence you need to go out there and put all the techniques you’ve learned throughout the entire “Conversation Escalation” course into good use.

Pros And Cons About The “Conversation Escalation” Course

Now that you have a good understanding of the entire “Conversation Escalation” course, let us now take a look at some of the pros and cons about it.

Starting off with the pros – In our personal opinion, what you’ll discover throughout the entire course can definitely help any guys become a much better conversationalist.

All of what’s included throughout the entire “Conversation Escalation” course are exclusive – Meaning you will not find them anywhere other than within this course itself.

And also to add, all the information that can be found within the entire course are organized in such a way that enhances easy understanding.

So much for the pros of the course. Now for the cons.

One aspect about this course which we think can be further improved is that, it will be much more ideal if a text version of the course can be included (so far, this course comes in audio format) – The reason is because, if there is a text version of the course available, customers can look at them as they listen to the audio version.

Not just that, it can also provide for people who prefer to learn by reading (instead of listening to audios).

Also, there are some minor audio glitches throughout the entire course and it will be good if they can be corrected.

Our Final Verdict

While there are some shortcomings about this particular “Conversation Escalation” course (such as the fact that it lacks a text version of it, plus there are some very minor audio glitches), but all in all, this is a very informative course that equips one with all the knowledge that’s required to be a smooth and confident conversationalist – Anytime, any place, anywhere.

We have found that, techniques that are being discussed are not just restricted to conversations with the woman of your dreams. These techniques can also be extended to help you build a much better rapport with your colleagues (in your workplace), as well as with your friends and family members.

As such, if you are those who is the “shy guy” type and is looking for a conversation course that will allow you to establish and maintain conversations that flow from the beginning to the end, then the “Conversation Escalation” course is one that we highly recommend!

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