Hype Wipes – Do They Really Work

I am an absolute skeptic. That’s the truth… I have reviewed hundreds of online products and “next-big-things” over the last five years, and none of them have even come close to my highest expectations. Many products out there are just over-priced junk that never seem to work as described.

So when I first heard about “Hype Wipes” I was like-no way that is an unbelievably awesome idea. These will definitely be the next craze in the market-a product that cleans dirt and fingerprints off of your digital devices and sticks to the back of your device when you are done. And the best part is you can use it for months and get multiple cleanings out of them. They are called Hype Wipes because they come is a growing variety of designs and styles and at only $2.50 a pop you can purchase quite a few without breaking the bank.

When I went to the site I was completely blown away by how many designs there were to choose from-so I bought four. One for me, one for my wife, and one for each of my sons. Four products for less than $20.00 including shipping is an unbelievable deal, especially since Hype Wipes lasts months. And they work perfectly. I don’t understand how they continue to stick to my device, time-and-time again without leaving a stick residue behind. its crazy. And with a little soap and water you can clean the pad side as well as restore adhesion to the sticky side of the Hype Wipe.

Buy some Hype Wipes today! I promise. You will be amazed.

Let me explain how they work:

1. PEEL the HYPE WIPE off the package.

2. WIPE your cell phone, tablet, camera, or smart screen clean. Circular motions work best. It also removes scuffs from shoes, and fingerprints off glasses. You will quickly discover that HYPE WIPES have tons of practical uses.

3. STICK it on the back of your device and REUSE again and again.

What I don’t like…

The drawbacks about “HYPE WIPES” is that they keep coming out with new designs on a weekly basis to the point that you are practically glued to the site, waiting on the latest designs to be released-and most sell fast, so there may be a waiting list on popular designs. Since I have been following them on facebook, I have been back to the site several times to buy the latest trending styles.
So if you love fashion and the latest technology, you may have a new addiction to HYPE WIPES and you may NOT be able control yourself.

Go to “www.hypewipes.com” Now!

That’s it! I would rate Hype Wipes 10 out of 10 for product usefulness, durability and price. This is as honest as it gets. Feel free to drop us an email (mail@top-product-reviews.com) about any questions you might have about HYPE WIPES. You can also drop me a message at 617.371.2944 . I will be happy to share with you some other people’s experiences as well.

Published: March 3, 2012, 17:27 | Comments
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