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The power band market is certainly gaining a lot of attention, good and bad. There are people who believe that they work extremely well and have provided health benefits they can’t do without while others wonder whether they are just a lot of hype. Turns out, both camps are right. A properly functioning power band has at its core a strong source of negative ions, which has many popular brands coming up short. Let’s take a look at how the SereniGy G-Band measures up to the competition.

Importance of Negative Ions

The key component behind a healthy body is balance, and that includes the electrical activity in our bodies.

Negative ions are mostly found in water (rain, ocean), and the earth (soil and it’s elements). There’s something to be said for the relaxed energy you feel when smelling the ocean air or a fresh rain, or simply standing barefoot on the ground. This is due to the balancing (or “grounding”) effect these negative ions have on our body.

Unfortunately, we are far more exposed to positive ions than negative ions. Positive ions are abundant wherever there is electricity or EMF’s (electromagnetic frequencies) such as power outlets, TV’s, computers, appliances (microwave, fridge, stove), vehicles, and airports. Positive ions are required for proper balance, however, our over exposure has negatively affected our health.

Consider how often you are near any of the above-mentioned items and you will find that you are far more exposed to positive ions than negative ions. For example, how many hours a week do you spend barefoot on the ground or taking a walk in a park or forest, compared to sitting in front of your TV, computer, or just near plug-ins? The reality is that the majority of us spend every hour of the day near some sort of electrical current.

As a result of this overload of positive ions, we’ve lost our balance and this creates loss of energy, focus, clarity, and strength, not to mention the deterioration of our immune system which leaves us much more susceptible to disease.

This is why negative ion technology in this day and age is so important, and why SereniGy has created the G-Band.

SereniGy G-Band – Negative Ions Technology

One of your first concerns in choosing a power balance band is the amount of negative ions present in the band. As is typical with these types of products they are very wide ranging, and SereniGy has committed to the top end of the range.

There have been some tests on the most popular and well known brands that suggests (through the use of a negative ion tester in a lab) that they are nothing more than a piece of rubber with tests showing that many of them range from 9-27 ions per cubic centimeter range for negative ions.

Power bands that prove to be far more effective show consistent readings in the 1500 to 2200 per cubic centimeter range! This is a substantial difference and as a result, you can see how the effects of these bands are often controversial.

Each SereniGy wrist power band is made with one of the highest levels of negative ions (approx. 2100 negative ions/cubic centimeter) that are blended within the medical grade silicone band. The negative ions in the SereniGy G-Band are then continuously emitted and absorbed by the body of the person that is wearing the G-Band.

This provides the appropriate “counter balance” that is so desperately needed in a positively charged world.

SereniGy G-Band – Mylar Hologram Technology

The second technology used in the SereniGy power band is within the gold mylar hologram.

Specific frequencies known to optimize health within the body are imbedded into the hologram and can have a subtle energy balancing effect for the frequencies of the body when the band is worn.

Every living thing has an energy field that extends out from the physical living object or person. When the hologram is within the field, it is designed to cause a systemic effect within the bioelectric field of the body creating an energetic balancing effect.

SereniGy G-Band – Ganoderma Technology

The third technology used in the SereniGy wrist power band is an exclusive and proprietary process, where we have infused the frequency energy of SereniGy organic ganoderma directly into the wrist power band.

This frequency like the specific mylar hologram frequencies can have an energetic effect on the bioelectric field of the body when the SereniGy G-Band is worn.

SereniGy G-Band Technology – Conclusion

Amid all the scams in power band technology, SereniGy has not only made a true power band with some of the highest negative ions on the market, but SereniGy has also added two other technologies that has made this an all around, results oriented power band.

When you combine the high level of negative ions with the hologram and ganoderma, SereniGy has created a power band that is unlike any other on the market. As a result, people who wear the SereniGy G-Band can typically expect to feel more energy, balance, clarity, performance, and detoxifying effects that are clear benefits in achieving better health.

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