Many Urgent Care Facilities Provide A Health Benefit Program

The ability to access medical care is crucial. Many traditional medical clinics have restricted hours and very tight appointment schedules, making it hard for patients to be seen. Thankfully, there are urgent care clinics which have long hours and don’t require appointments. These clinics can supply adequate medical care and are a very affordable healthcare option.

## Do these types of clinics accept people who do not have health insurance?

Yes. One of the main benefits of going to these clinics is because they do not turn people away due to lack of insurance. Many of them offer a special health benefit program to further assist patients. A patient who’s a part of the clinic’s health benefit program can get services at a lower cost.

## What types of urgent care services do these clinics provide?

These clinics can handle medical concerns such as sore throat, fever and ear infection. They can also treat acute medical problems such as back pain, lacerations and broken bones. Many of these clinics may also perform other procedures like providing sutures for injuries and the treatment for burns.

## What’s the fee structure like at most of these clinics?

The majority of them provide affordable healthcare by charging flat rates dependant upon the kind of services a patient needs. For standard medical care, the fee might run around $99. More specialized procedures, such as the treatment of broken bones or minor surgeries, will likely incur a fee of around $199. If a patient comes in for a follow-up soon after their initial visit, they will be charged a reduced flat fee.

## Are these clinics built with X-ray machines?

Many of these clinics include X-ray machines in order to help diagnose certain medical conditions. Furthermore, these clinics may also be equipped with EKG machines so as to monitor the heart’s electrical activity and detect any problems or irregularities.

## What are the standard business hours of most of these locations?

Hours will vary, but most of them open around 9:00 am and close around 8:00 pm. Some locations may open even sooner and close later. These clinics are open 7 days a week aside from Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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