Tall Corina – Helpful tips for Tall Women

When many of us think about tall women, we presume about stunning, leggy supermodels with figures to die
for. For a few of the ‘ordinary’ women of above average height; however, those extra inches usually are not
something to be envied, but rather something that they would prefer to disguise.

Deciding on the best kind of shoes is, needless to say, one of the most obvious methods for tall women to prevent
looking any taller, and kitten heels make for a practical, modern and very attractive choice. Not
adding to your height and creating an illusion of being shorter, however, are two entirely different
things, but you’ll find items that taller women can incorporate within their look which will make them
appear less lofty.

Silk scarves are fabulous and extremely versatile accessories which may be worn by women from a
proportions, but for taller women, they’re not only the perfect thing for jazzing up a gown,
providing a look of exquisite elegance and building a strong personal statement, but they also can also act
particularly well with regard to deceiving the eye. Once you a few dos and don’ts to bear in mind
when choosing the style in which to wear them.

DO wear your silk scarf so it hides your neck. By hiding your neck you might effectively give the
impression that a whole body is shorter. Try wrapping a long silk scarf many times loosely
around the neck until most of the fabric has been used up so that the width of the scarf covers
the full area from the chin to the collarbone. Either tuck the ends of the scarf out of
sight completely or leave no more than a couple of inches to hold in front of or behind your
shoulders. Alternatively, fold a square silk scarf throughout the diagonal and then roll the information into a
cylinder and tie it then it hugs the neck while using knot to one side.

DON’T wear your silk scarf in different style which creates vertical lines down your system. Whilst this works
well for shorter people, it’ll only make you appear even taller.

DO create horizontal lines across your body using your silk scarf. In addition to wrapping a long scarf
around your neck to produce a horizontal, you can also separation the length of your body with your
scarf around your waist or hips. Yet another excellent look which also really helps to interrupt the flow and stop
the eye in its tracks if you’re wearing a dress is by tying a silk scarf beneath bust to
create a real business line. This effect works especially well with regards to flattering a pear-shaped form.

DON’T tie your silk scarf around your neck the slightest bit that creates a V or even a Y shape. In the event you look at
the shape of the two of these letters, you will see that they automatically draw the eye downwards.
Essentially, the location where the two sides in the fabric come together to make up the knot, it is almost as though
they create an arrow which invites a persons vision to continue on its downwards journey.

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