The Modern Herbalife Marketing Plan

For a long time the Herbalife marketing plan has involved wearing buttons that claim “Lose Weight Now. Ask Me How. ” This strategy wasn’t limited to buttons either. Those words have also been seen on bumper stickers, car windows, buildings, billboards and just about any other medium of marketing you can think of over the years. The simplicity of the Herbalife marketing plan has been one of the keys to their success over the past quarter of a century.

The simplicity of this marketing strategy coupled with charisma of the founder, the late Mark Hughes and the influence of the late Jim Rohn built Herbalife into a tremendous powerhouse in the world of network marketing. Although many are still building businesses applying this time tested strategy, many more are finding struggle and challenge with this technologically savvy world in which we live.

In our world today one on one interactions have given way to social networking and Google has become the modern time equivalent of yesterday’s Yellow Pages. Busy families struggle to locate time for themselves, much less to have home parties and inn meetings. In an environment where it once was easy to hand out product samples, cubicle walls and virtual offices have created new challenges into a personal touch brand of marketing. Those who are highly disciplined and committed to spending large amounts of time in these one on one approaches still find a point of success; however, those that are exploding their businesses have learned to leverage technology to their advantage. This is the reality of building an Herbalife business with today’s environment.

A second challenge to the distributor in today’s world is the shear level of competition in the market place. Not only is the business owner competing with other nutritional and health related products, but they are also managing the internal competition of millions of other distributors world wide. The need for personal branding and a chance to distinguish yourself from some other distributor is imperative. Mark Hughes and Jim Rohn were both masters of creating their own unique identity in the market place and you as an Herbalife distributor want to do the same.

A solid Herbalife marketing plan should embody the personal touch of the traditional approach, but highly leverage the technology of today for you to expand influence and private branding.

To create a high amount of success in your Herbalife organization, you must implement a thorough Herbalife marketing plan. First and foremost your plan must center around the development of your personal public image. People buy products from people that they know, like and trust. At the same time, people join a home business with those that they know like and trust. It is critical which you retool your thinking in relation to your Herbalife business. Instead of leading with product and sales pitch, you need to lead with yourself and price. What does this suggest? It simply means that your prospects want to know you first and that they need to see that you are able to offer them value. In the mind of this target audience you should become the expert inside nutritionals and in business from home. If your prospect does not feel you could help them become much healthier or financially successful, they simply will not buy from you.

The key to creating value and leadership in the market place is with the use of systems. While the Herbalife marketing plan is equipped with systems in place, those systems are built to brand and promote the company and the product, not you as the individual distributor. Remember every other distributor is using the same systems you are and thus their promotional resources look just like yours. This is why personal branding becomes so important. Without a strong individual brand, you simply will not penetrate the market industry. This means that you won’t consistently have leads getting into your business from the leverage of the internet. Poor lead flow suggests few sales and few sales means little money in your pocket.

If you will take time to couple your Herbalife marketing plan using a personal branding system, you will have no shortage of folks to introduce to your Herbalife products and small business.

The classic Herbalife marekting plan has for years been the epitomy of a time tested system that anyone can follow. With the technological advances of today it is important that any distributor modify the Herbalife marketing plan
to leverage the opportunities presented in the world of today.

Published: March 2, 2012, 10:48 | Comments
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