Hollywood Macabre: Touring Tinseltowns Spooky Side

Because the celebs walk the red carpet tonight, smile to the cameras, and fake to appear supportive of their fellow thespians, just try to remember, as vibrant as these stars shine nowadays, like stars their light will eventually fade (and for many the picture of a supernova will come to intellect). So, join me on the tour behind the silver monitor and red carpet, as we enter the darker corners of your celluloid closet…

From a ghostly bus ride to a cemetery for superstars, I’d instead celebration along with the dead. You could possibly not be capable to get your beloved star’s autograph any more (as they are 6-feet below), however, you can even now make an attempt to snap a picture at their remaining resting spot. When you can see in the over picture, even lifeless celebs enjoy an excellent picture op.

Examine out Hollywood greats at Hollywood Eternally Cemetery. Founded in 1899, this cemetery is the final resting put of the most stars from the globe.

Haunted Hollywood lists a lot of haunted web sites in LA from theaters to even the Hollywood Indicator. Recall to pay your respects for the Hollywood Wax Museum. Evidently, spirits prefer to creep powering the lifeless wax figures.

Catch deceased superstars like Marilyn Monroe and Harry Houdini nonetheless attempting to complete at Hollywood Ghosts & Hollywood Houses.

The amazing Starline Tours provides a “Haunted Hollywood Tour” from the safety of the bus. You’ll get to see supernatural hangouts and hear all the gory details from an earthly tour guide.

haunted hollywood
haunted hollywood

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