Herve Leger Women, careful! man almost lie three times one day!

It is a conviction that some people have long kept. Men are far more likely to tell lies than women, researchers from UK have revealed.

So, women, you need to careful now. It is very possible that he, you boyfriend or your husband are ling to you. He said to you that he will present you with a Herve Leger dress or a diamond ring as your birthday gift. You must herve leger very, very cautious, because he would not carry out his promise. As a result, it is probability you can not receive Herve Leger dress or diamond ring.

Recently, the market researcher One Poll carried out a survey on 3,000 adults. The results found that average


men lie 1,092 times every year Herve Leger roughly three a day. By contrast, women lie 728 times a year Herve Leger around twice a day. |||

The result shows that men lies more than women.

And while men lie saying “I didn’t drink that much”, “Nothing’s wrong, I’m fine” and “I don’t realize”, the most popular female fibs , “Nothing’s wrong, I’m fine”, “I don’t know where it is, I haven’t touched it” .

The lie that men said seems not very seirous, woman may be crate such fell. May be some women will said, I don’t care such lies.

However, have you consider that your attitude Herve Leger Monique Cutout Dress will let him more indulgence than once. This time he will lie to you he did not drink much wine or he just meet a good friend, you are not very care. May be next time, he would not go home and drink wine all the night, http://www.superhervelegervip.com/ Herve Leger even he will say he forget to buyHerve Leger skirt for you. Actually, he has lied to you, but not forgot.

At the same time, the above study has proved that only 70 percent of men confessed to pangs of guilt. Men are also less likely to feel guilty about Karen Millen Floral Shift Dress lying compared with women. Overall, 75 percent of those polled agreed it was ‘OK’ to fib to avoid hurting someone’s feelings.

Ladies, you have also saw the result of study, most men, they will not feel guilty when he lie to you. They even consider that it is normal that lying every day, lying to you. If so, ladies, what do you think

Of course, lying may seem to be an inherent part of human nature, anybody may be have made a lie or more. Some times, we must have to make a kind lie. However, lie must not be a part of our life. For men, you should learn to lie less. Women, you should to do is careful his words, his promise!

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Published: March 1, 2012, 01:36 | Comments
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