Seek Help If You Are Having Trouble Trying To Conceive

Becoming pregnant is at once a simple process and a complicated interaction between hormones, neurochemicals, and the general health level of the couple. It’s estimated that one of every 6 to 10 couples experiences infertility, which is technically defined as 12 months or more of failed attempts at trying to conceive. There are some tips that could increase reproductive success, and a fertility clinic that specializes in reproductive endocrinology can also help. Step one is to address the possible risk factors for infertility.

## Accounting for Infertility Risks

Excessive or inadequate exercise, a poor diet low in micro-nutrients, being over- or under-weight, and the use of alcohol are all risks that usually can be reduced to improve reproductive success. The optimum amount of exercise is about 90 minutes of high-intensity aerobics each week, or 150 minutes of moderate aerobics. Physical exercise aids efforts by promoting hormonal balance and increasing the circulation of hormones and nutrients to all body tissues. In excess of seven hours of exercise was shown to actually reduce fertility in one study.

Alcohol ought to be avoided when trying to conceive, as it increases the potential risk of birth defects. The normal diet plays a role too. Deficiency in micronutrients can remain asymptomatic for some time, and deficiency in some may promote infertility with no other noticeable symptoms. A diet with lots of variety will help in getting these vitamins and minerals, and using a prenatal supplement can also help. Most deficiencies can be checked for with simple blood tests at a fertility clinic.

## Stress Reduction

Modern life is filled with stress, also it can be made worse by failures to conceive. Stress can deplete minerals and vitamins within the body by increasing inflammation. The body then has to work much harder to maintain homeostasis. Meditation, or the use of a combined meditation and exercise program like yoga, can lower emotional and physical stress on the body and supply other benefits specifically related to pregnancy.

## Addressing Hormones Directly

One of the main areas of concern are environmental and dietary toxins, stress, and health issues that can upset hormonal balance of the body. Reproductive endocrinology is often a primary tool at the fertility clinic, and specialists will help when other methods fail. Assessing the rate of hormone production and distribution can supply simple solutions to the issue or make apparent the need for more complicated procedures.

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