Shield Your Instruments With Gig Bags When Making Your Way To The Next Show

Musical instruments can produce beautiful and powerful sounds, but many of these treasured pieces of artistic equipment are fragile in their structure. Instruments need correct protection in order to prevent serious damage. Fortunately, there are various cases and other items available on the market perfectly suited for protecting the fragility of an instrument.

## Are instrument cases straightforward to transport?

Most cases are designed to allow for easy transport. Many of the cases are lightweight and simple to handle. Larger cases can be built with a set of wheels to enable them to be rolled. A number of cases come with handles intended for easy grasping.

## Just how can someone determine the correct size for a keyboard case?

Keyboards come in various sizes, so the measurements of a keyboard case can vary. Some cases will specify which keyboard models will fit inside that particular case. The case is normally bigger than the keyboard so as to provide maximum protection for the instrument.

## What is a “gig bag”?

Gig bags are bags with padding. They are generally used for guitar storage. Gig bags normally have pouches to store sheet music and other guitar accessories too. One of the main advantages to using one of these bags instead of a guitar case is that they are usually lighter to carry. They tend not to, however, provide the same level of protection as a case does.

## Are there also drum cases available on the market?

Yes. There are drum cases for the drums themselves, in addition to separate bags for the pedals. Separate cases can store cymbals and other components of a drum set. There are even bags out there made of leather to hold the sticks.

## Are there any cases on the market to store other types of equipment widely used in music?

Yes. In addition to cases for instruments, there is protective gear on the market to store other items commonly used in music. There are cases for amplifiers and other pieces of audio equipment. Equipment used by lighting and stage productions can be protected in cases.

Using cases can help preserve instruments for several years. The cases are designed to tolerate many elements in order to provide the highest quality of protection for instruments. Protecting instruments in cases also can save a large amount of money in repairs. Using an instrument case is the smart way to go.

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