Telling Your Brands Story with Brochures from 1800 Postcards

Brochures are a great way to market just about any business. They provide enough space to properly explain your product or service, and also due to their form, allow you to tell a story. Below are five top points from 1800 Postcards to remember when creating your brochure.

Prep Work: Put yourself in a prospect’s mindset and think about what you would like to see. Think of the tone, quality, content and what you might look for. Then try to include this in your brochure. Also, look at your competitors’ marketing materials. What do you see that you like? What do you see that they fall short on? Try to include components that appeal to you, and then try and capitalize on their shortcomings by explaining what you do differently.

Setting the story up: It is important to create the problem for the recipient. You must clearly state what problem the recipient is having by not using your service. This should clearly state how it is affecting them.

Problem Solving: After stating the issue, solve the problem. Without solving the problem the reader will be left to his or her own conclusions, and as a result be left to research a solution on their own. This could only hurt your marketing initiatives as this opens the door for your competitors.

Set Differentiators: Setting unique selling points as to how your business is different is critical. This will set you apart from your competitors, and will also clearly demonstrate how you are the best at solving the problem you so clearly stated in the beginning.

Imagery: Do not forget to include imagery that complements and enhances your storyline. Include images that depict your story, and make sure that all are inline with your current branding. That means that all of the colors should be in line with your current logo, as well as in line with all of your other marketing materials.

Try to remember these five points, and your prospect will not only be interested in your marketing collateral, but also interested in getting more information on your company.

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Published: February 29, 2012, 18:18 | Comments
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