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Stumbleupon marketing may be just about the most overlooked opportunities on the net today. Like many of you, I had never heard of Stumbleupon until a few years ago, when my son arrived home from college and introduced me to it. Stumbleupon is a social bookmarking site that allows end users to submit websites into a specified category of interest.

Once the site is submitted, it is available for other users to “stumble” across employing a toolbar on their web browser. When an user sets up their account, they specify their areas of interest. From there Stumbleupon serves up random websites that relate to that particular topic or interest for that user to view. If the viewer likes your website, they give it a thumbs up of course, if they don’t like it they give it a thumbs down. The more popular a website becomes, the more often it can be served up in the rotation. Additionally if an user is browsing the world wide web and finds a site that they find interesting they will give that site a thumbs up and it will be added to the Stumbleupon directory.

When using Stumbleupon marketing it is important to remember that this is really a less focused, broader market strategy. The purpose of by using this service in your marketing should be to introduce your website, product, idea, a broader market. Although your product may deal specifically with weight reduction, you will be introducing your internet site to the broader overall health or exercise marketplace. The key here is usually creating massive exposure. For example with this blog, I have set in the blog to treat each post to be a separate web page. Each time I create a new post, that post is submitted to Stumbleupon through the Onlywire syndication service. Then each post is auto-syndicated through TribePro, so that each section of content gets stumbled a number of times by multiple consumers. As with most large exposure tools, you may not make a sale off of the stumble, but you have the opportunity to build a relationship that has a wider audience.

If this is a broader market approach, then how do you build relationships with folks through your Stumbleupon marketing? There are two answers to the question. The first answer works with the Stumbleupon site itself. Much like other social networking sites, users of this service get the chance to follow those those who share similar interests. This means that just about any content you submit also are passed along to those who’re following you.

The second mechanism regarding relationship building comes through your own page. It is best when you have some type of funded proposal on your site (e. g. an offer for teaching, a free video as well as special report) along with an opt-in form that goes into your autoresponder. An alternative to using this method, would be to utilize a banner ad that is usually prominently displayed that directs the viewer towards an opt-in form.

I have used Stumbleupon marketing for the past year or two and have seen it deliver lots of traffic to my sites.

Stumbleupon marketing is one of the most overlooked strategies in the world of online marketing. Remember to approach Stumbleupon marketing online
from the perspective of mass exposure instead of laser targeting.

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