An Attorney In Houston Texas Can Help You With Your Divorce

Getting divorced is not good fun, yet it doesn’t need to involve a lengthy, drawn-out court battle. If you are facing divorce in Houston, a qualified divorce attorney will assist you to settle on a fair settlement and get divorced more speedily.

##How Does Texas Divide Marital Property?

Texas is a community property state, which means that any assets you gained during the course of your marriage are considered to belong equally to you and your spouse. For instance, the money in your savings account is presumed to belong equally to both of you.

##Can a Houston Family Law Attorney Help Me With Property Division?

Your Texas family law attorney will help ensure that your marital property is divided up fairly. They will go to court on your behalf to ask that a judge award property to you as opposed to dividing it equally in some instances. Every family law attorney in Houston Texas knows marital property laws as well as the exceptions to these laws.

##How Does Child Custody Work in Texas?

Thankfully, children are not regarded as property. Texas divorce courts make custody arrangements depending on what is perceived to be in the best interest of your children. In many instances, however, mothers are much more likely to get custody than fathers. Your Texas family law attorney can help build a case for a fairer child custody arrangement than the courts would ordinarily provide.

##Do I have to Go to Divorce Court?

There are some alternatives to divorce court. If you and your former spouse don’t have any children and agree on all the divorce terms, it is possible to file for a no-contest divorce where you simply give the court your plan for dividing marital property. Collaborative practice attorneys will also help both you and your former spouse negotiate a divorce settlement without going to court, regardless of whether there are children involved in your divorce.

##Do I Need A Divorce Lawyer?

Although Texas allows you to file for divorce with no lawyer, it is a good idea to get one. A good family law attorney in Houston Texas, can explain your alternatives to you and can help you get the fairest settlement in your divorce. Look for a legal professional who is skilled in collaborative practice should you be interested in negotiating an agreement with your former spouse instead of suffering through litigation.

Don’t try to handle your divorce yourself. Preferably, talk to a divorce attorney today so you can put your divorce behind you and go forward with your life.

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