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In light with the latest news concerning the economic downturn, lots of physicians are re-focusing their web-sites on finest approaches to advertise aesthetic procedures to potential patients. Considerably from the time, practices have a tendency to concentrate on external advertising in outreach mediums including local magazines or newspapers with out considerably success. When spending marketing dollars externally instead of internally, most practice managers are performing nothing at all to use the patient base that they’ve already worked pretty challenging to build.

Statistics show that it fees somewhere between 5-8 times a lot more to attract a new patient than to help keep an existing one. In addition, current marketplace research contends that aesthetic practices lose around 2/3rds of their first-time patients due to lack of follow-up and loss of communication.

Retention of a practice’s patients could be the easiest method to grow an aesthetic practice without having the high and much less helpful expense of external marketing dollars. Additional, by merely raising patient retention by just 5%, a practice may possibly be capable of improve the worth of an typical patient (in lifetime earnings) from 25-100%.

The following eight categories highlight the top rated points that aesthetic practices really should be performing to retain each patient that has already visited their facility:

1) Consistent Message in Brochures, Advertising, and Promotional Materials-

It is essential to very carefully judge your current “brand” of communication. Evaluate your existing brochures, magazine marketing, and promotional materials. Is there an objective to the message that you simply are sending for your patients? The facts projected in each kind of communication inside your practice must be constant together with your general objectives and objectives. Look at what message is being received each from existing patients, together with new patients, who may be reluctant on their first pay a visit to for the practice.

Although a practice brochure could be an investment, it could help to convey the practice’s image and values towards the patients Your brochures really should be educational, should contain your logo or a designer graphic, and possibly a bio in the physician to make a sense of friendliness and private touch.

2) Business Cards. Letterhead, and Stationary-

Business cards, letterhead, and stationary are excellent tools for inexpensive marketing to your patient base along with to possible new patients. These items must reflect the practice’s image and culture, and should have your logo and address info, in addition to a place for adhere to up appointment instances. In case you have a motto or tag line, it is critical to acquire it onto your company card and letterhead. This may be the first and only item that a potential patient sees prior to deciding no matter whether to come to be a client at your facility.

On the front of one’s card, you should place a graphic style and a message that will grab attention. An enterprise card and letterhead must create awareness about your brand in the medical marketplace. To accomplish that, it’s essential to convey your practice’s personality via design, sort font, logo, graphics, and verbal messages or a slogan.
These items are critical in making the initial brand awareness about your facility, physicians, and staff. They’re able to make a real statement regarding the type of company that you run, when employed effectively inside an expert manner.

3) Follow-Up With Patients Who have Not Booked A Process

Have a program in spot either on your charts or in your personal computer program to track and comply with up with patients regularly. Whether or not using men and women or possibly a pc method to confirm future appointments, attempt to acquire a commitment from a patient relating to a set date that he or she is coming back. It really is vital to stay in touch with patients who might have come in for an initial consultation or diagnosis, but did not follow through with their surgery or other elective procedure.

Many patients may possibly still be weighing their options for the procedure and might book if given an extra phone call or appointment reminder.

Is your patient coordinator detail-oriented and focused on finding patients to book?

Your coordinator can serve as a vital link and liaison amongst the physician along with the patient. Even right after a patient consultation visit with you, patients will typically tell the coordinator data that provides the staff added insight into their personality. With the appropriate coordinator dedicated to adhere to up with every patient in your practice, you are going to have a superior chance of getting consultations convert to procedures.

4) Team Strategy to Patient Care and Follow-up-Staff Communication

Verbal and non-verbal communication are two from the most highly effective internal advertising tools readily available. Your receptionist and staff must think about it a “job description” to add personal touch when coping with patients in the course of day-to-day operations. They should really also be encouraged to take into consideration their verbal communications and messages given to patients, no matter if VIPs with the practice, or reluctant prospective ones.

Additionally, the staff should be aware of all new patients within the practice. There really should be a particular attention policy in place for a patient’s initial visit for your facility. If probable far more time, pre and post consultation, really should be given to the new individual along with a staff member should make a comply with up call or send a thank you note towards the patient inside a timely manner.

Lastly, telephone and on-hold messaging can perform to turn an unfavorable scenario into an educational one by maybe credentialing the physicians inside the practice or raising awareness about new, innovative procedures. The telephone may be the most-useful tool in the practice for new patients. Appropriate telephone abilities, coaching, and stick to up in this region will help to insure retention accomplishment.

Your general team method to patient care should really ideally incorporate a high degree of hand-holding and personalized attention towards the facts with the whole patient encounter.

5) Monitoring The Retention Rate Of Patients Within Your Practice .

A quick patient satisfaction questionnaire immediately after treatment may be a superb barometer as to how your practice is doing on your retention rates. Furthermore it could supply patient communication and insight. Patient satisfaction is usually measured in the finish of every take a look at by asking 10-12 well-directed concerns around service and staff perception. When instituted properly, the patient satisfaction survey can offer great feedback on what the practice is doing well and what could be locations of opportunity for growth. These surveys ought to be reviewed and compared against the objectives which the practice has set concerning retention and follow-up.

6) Have a Program for Converting Patients from 1 Procedure to An additional

A cosmetic interest questionnaire is an internal advertising and marketing tool that can assist uncover a patient’s interests and serve to educate them on other procedures within your practice. This tool can assist staff in communicating using the patient upon arrival with regards to their present and future requires. Also the cosmetic interest questionnaire can serve as an awesome time saver because it can help the patient in discussing his or her desires with the staff.

When utilised effectively, the CIQ really should afford staff members the chance to “sell” the patient on points that they may well be thinking about, with small effort. The tool is most effective in introducing patients to further procedures and merchandise within your practice that may well complement their existing needs.

Lastly, the CIQ ought to make extra awareness about the other procedures inside your practice. This tool, coupled with an educated staff, can give the patient a lot more of a cause to take a look at your practice regularly.

7) Website

Websites are the ultimate branding in today’s medical marketplace. In accordance with the ASPS, more than 50% of patients will visit your web site before paying a take a look at for your facility. As a result, websites are becoming an essential aspect of brief and long-term marketing and advertising plans for most physicians. A web site can allow you to remain up to date and present with patients who might not have visited you in a handful of years. Moreover, your web site could be an awesome educational tool for your patients pre and post go to.

The two most important qualities in producing an excellent, patient-centric website in the current marketplace is to have clear goals and to have a distinctive appear.

View your property page as an advertisement for what you want your practice to stand for within the patient’s thoughts. Get along with your web designer and be sure to select the right meta-tags and key phrases for your sector. Using the proper words and text in place, you will be in a position to insure that your site will turn up on Google and Yahoo for relevant internet searches.
You’ve got just 15 seconds, on average, to create a fantastic initially impression, so make certain that your web site has one thing to hold the patient’s attention. Educational video, catchy graphics, and great just before and afters can all assist in keeping the patient on your web page, as well as coming back for far more.

8) E-marketing Strategies

E-marketing will be the easiest and most cost-effective way to communicate together with your patients to date. Additionally E-mail marketing and advertising and e-marketing methods are becoming a mandatory staple within the advertising and marketing arena. In today’s competitive atmosphere, it can be critical which you maintain in touch together with your patients regularly. This will insure patient loyalty when they are in need to have of a comply with up procedure or want an aesthetic consultation.

E-mail advertising and marketing tactics happen to be shown to have a 12-15 percent return, versus single digits for direct mail and magazine ads. Further, advertising through “educational strategies” (i.e. newsletters, product information, and procedure updates) have been shown to become more effective than standard advertising models.

Asking patients for their e-mail might sound daunting at first, but might be effortlessly introduced if talked about inside the right manner. Simply asking patients if they would like to get your exclusive internet offers, events, and seasonal promotions typically will address any issues they could have. Your e-mail promotions ought to be done on a regular basis, and need to present catchy promos, graphics, and education of benefit to the patient. Without having a thing that the patient deems beneficial on your e-mail, you run the threat of losing your readership.

Make certain that your staff is acquiring e-mail addresses at the front end of any patient visit to insure very good adhere to up with patients that you simply desire to see once again and once again.

As with all tactics within the practice, retaining your patient database must have a solid follow-up procedure in spot to measure its effectiveness. The outcomes should be monitored on a quarterly basis as a component of your internal small business program. Moreover, all your aesthetic team members (from physician to receptionist) should be made aware of the objectives and retention rate successes regularly.

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